3 Factors Affecting The Cost of Rainshower Set Installation

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Many homeowners in Singapore are interested in tap installation and tap replacement, most likely with rain shower taps in their homes, because most of their family members can have a relaxing shower after working long hours or exercising. Many of these homeowners install a rain shower set in Singapore in their homes for the first time. Further, they would like to determine the costs involved and arrange for funds accordingly. Here are some of the main factors affecting the cost of purchasing and installing a shower set.


Price of The Rain Shower


The rainshower price varies depending on the showerhead’s features, material, and size – factors you should consider before installing a rain shower set. Most shower sets require a separate hot or cold water supply, so the rainshower that incorporates a water heater will be more expensive. Some of the rain showers include a mixer valve for mixing hot and cold water so that the temperature of the water can be easily adjusted to the preferred temperature.

You can take a look at Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305, because the price is worth it in terms of supply, delivery, and installation. On the other hand, many rain showers include a hand shower with a shower arm, which can be used to clean a particular area, increasing the rain shower price.

More material is required for making rain showers with a larger showerhead so that these rain showers will be more expensive. A shower tray is convenient for keeping the soap and other bathing supplies but adds to the cost. Typically stainless steel rain shower sets with chrome finish are more durable and expensive than shower sets using different materials.


Plumbing Cost 


If you want to choose a rain shower in your bathroom,  it is better to opt for Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-85-98, because it has rain shower water efficiency checked, delivery, and installation is worth the price. However, when it comes to installation, the price depends on the complexity of the rain shower set selected.

Additionally, the other parts of the rain shower set must be fitted on the ceiling and walls. Typically the showerhead is fitted on the ceiling at a height of at least seven feet above the floor so that even tall users do not face any problems using the shower. Suitable piping connections should be made to the showerhead, so that water will flow from the shower when it is switched on.


Additional Cost for Bathroom Repairs


Here are some points to note before hiring a professional plumber to install your bathroom taps. Plumbing professionals will inspect the plumbing system in the bathroom before they start the rainshower installation work. If there are problems with the piping or valves, they have to be repaired before further work. In some cases, there may be a problem with the plumbing system due to sediment or deposits, because of which the water flow to the rainshower is reduced.

In other cases, the valves and piping in the bathroom may not be designed to carry water at the higher pressure required by the rainshower or have a shower tap replacement. The existing tiles may have to be removed for installing valves, pipes, and other fittings connected to the rainshower set, and replacing them will increase the expenses. 



There are many different shower taps or shower mixer taps on the market, but it is important to keep some details in mind to help you choose the correct one and determine the cost of a shower set with installation. It is to check some factors affecting the cost of a rainshower such as the price of the rainshower, plumbing cost, and consider the additional cost for bathroom repairs, anything within your budget. To properly install your shower set, it is best to hire skilled tap and faucet services. They can also remedy other problems, such as a leaking tap, and provide a wide range of products that you will enjoy.


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