3 Things to Consider Before Having a Rain Shower Set Installed

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After a hard’s day at work, nothing can be as relaxing as a nice warm shower. However, when that shower can replicate rain, then certainly nothing can be better. In addition, you will find a rain shower set installed in many homes in Singapore because it rains down water upon you. In fact, it might bring you back to your childhood days when you freely enjoyed playing in the rain. The perk here is that you can even enjoy a warm rain shower, so there are no worries about catching a cold. Before you invest in a water tap product such as the rainshower set, there are three important things that you must consider which we shall share with you right away.


The Space in Your Bathroom Ceiling


To get a rain shower set in Singapore installed, you need to have the right amount of space in your bathroom ceiling. Here are some pros and cons of installing a rain shower set – rain shower heads are much more comprehensive than a usual shower head, and they even come with a larger diameter. So, before you get to enjoy a shower set rain, you have to make sure the shower space in your bathroom is wide enough for you to get a proper spray of water. If you have a freestanding bath and plan to get a rain shower head installed above it, then opt for a design that will not end up spraying water throughout your bathroom. In this case, instead of a large rain head, opt for a smaller one. If you need assistance in finding the right type of rain shower set, engage a professional plumber with tap services to guide you on choosing the right shower tap and provide installation services as well.


Your Outgoing Water Pressure at Home


Rainshower heads have been created for specific water pressure ranges. When people want a warm rain shower, they mostly use their rain shower set with their storage water heater. The reason behind this is a storage water heater offers better water pressure. However, this does not mean that you cannot use an instant or tankless water heater with your rain shower head. Some good quality tankless heaters come with built-in pumps, and they can improve the outgoing pressure, thus allowing you to enjoy a perfect rain shower experience. One of the myths of having a rain shower set is that it has low water pressure. However, just remember that a consistent flow of water is needed to make the most of your rain shower head. If the outgoing water pressure is not enough, you will not be fully able to enjoy your showerhead’s benefits.


Your Budget


Yet another essential thing to consider are factors affecting the cost of a rain shower set installation. Rainshower heads can be quite expensive. Your rain shower head can prove to be one of the costliest upgrades in your bathroom. However, since you will be using it every day, it can prove worth it. It will be a good idea to browse through as many rainshower sets as you can and shortlist the best ones such as the Fidelis Rainshower Set FT-8598. Among them, you can opt for the closest one to your budget.



Many residences in Singapore have a rain shower set because it provides a relaxing experience when one takes a shower. As mentioned above, you need to consider things before having a rain shower set installed such as the space in your bathroom ceiling, your outgoing water pressure at home, and your budget. Most important is to engage professional tap and faucet services to properly install your shower set. They can also fix other issues such as a leaking tap and offer a variety of tap products that you can surely enjoy!


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