3 Types of Kitchen Tap

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Your sink and kitchen tap is used most of all the equipment present in your kitchen. However, a kitchen tap is also one such piece of equipment that is mainly taken for granted. It is only when yours does not work efficiently or stops working entirely that you understand the importance of your sink tap. Or, maybe, you suddenly come across a beautiful looking modern faucet, and then you realize how old yours is and how badly it needs a tap replacement. Just like a kitchen cannot be imagined without a sink. Similarly, a sink cannot be conceived without a tap.

If you have a perfectly working sink tap, it makes it easy to wash dishes, fill pots, and prepare food. There are many different types of kitchen sink taps that you can choose from. You need to select one wisely to make sure that it goes well with the kind of sink you have and the interiors of your kitchen at large. Furthermore, it must serve its purpose perfectly well too. To make things easier, let us share a few types of kitchen sink taps that you can choose from.


The Pull-Out Tap


You have always heard of and used a faucet in the sink until now. But a tap need not necessarily remain attached in its place. What you need to know about a tap like a pull-out kitchen tap is it can be pulled out of its place for more convenient usage. It helps broaden your space, and its detachable head allows you to enjoy a much more comprehensive range of motion. The detachable head can be used as a spray, or you can enjoy the typical flow as well.

A pull-out kitchen tap quickly reaches even the most difficult parts of the sink. And some models can even reach over to your countertop and help you fill bigger pots that do not fit in your sink correctly. Unlike other common faucet types, pull-out faucets generally have a single handle. So, you can easily adjust the temperature and flow with just one hand.

Fidelis FT 6705RP Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer Tap

Now that we have talked about the convenience of using a pull-out kitchen tap, let us share one of the best models you can opt for. It is none other than Fidelis FT 6705RP pull-out kitchen mixer tap. This tap looks immensely attractive, and its head can be pulled out easily for convenient usage. Since it is a mixer tap, you can enjoy the right combination of hot and cold water in your kitchen sink.


The Single-Handle Tap


A single-handle tap offers a classic look similar to a one way tap. Generally, these are gooseneck faucets with a single handle on the side or in the middle. You need to move the handle from left to right and enjoy a perfect cool or hot water flow. It is straightforward because you only need to use your fingertip to move the lever gently and adjust the flow or temperature.

Fidelis 8201 Basin Mixer Tap

This beautiful Fidelis 8201 Basin Mixer Tap has silver chrome color and a chrome finish. It offers excellent water efficiency and can be installed on all washbasins. Even though this tap is easy to install, you ideally should not do it independently. Hiring an expert will be best to install your kitchen tap to perfection. They have years of experience, are well-trained, and have already installed fixtures and repaired many faucets in many homes in Singapore. 


The Commercial Style Tap

A commercial-style tap has a flexible (e.g Fidelis Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap FT-8705C), more extended design. Depending on your selected model, you may get many taps for different needs. These are created to give your kitchen a more modern appearance, and this is what professional kitchens are known for. Commercial-style taps are heavy-duty, and you will love them for sure.

Fidelis FT 6705NP Kitchen Mixer Tap

The Fidelis FT 6705NP is a beautiful and sturdy kitchen mixer tap that can make a perfect fit even in commercial kitchens. It is very easy to use, sturdy, and despite regular use, it will last you for a very long time and serve you just fine all the while.


Stainless Kitchen Tap


A stainless kitchen tap like the Rubine Kitchen Mixer Tap Platino is ideal for every kitchen as it is easy to maintain and clean. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it makes a fantastic choice, particularly if you have little kids. It is shiny like chrome, but a little more expensive. Yet it will prove to be worth it because it works efficiently and gives your kitchen a nice sophisticated look.

Fidelis FT 8205 Kitchen Mixer Tap

The Fidelis FT 8205 has a silver chrome color, and its body has a nice chrome finish. It offers excellent water efficiency and can be installed on any kitchen sink. Not only does it perfectly do its job, but it also looks very classy and thus will make a perfect fit no matter what type of kitchen interiors you may have.



The sink and kitchen faucet are the most often used items in your kitchen. A kitchen tap, on the other hand, is one of those items that is frequently overlooked. It is only until yours fails to function properly or fully stops working that you realize the significance of your sink tap. When choosing a new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen or kitchen tap, consider different kitchen tap types. These include the pull-out tap, the single-handle tap, the commercial style tap, and stainless kitchen tap.

If you opt for any of these kitchen tap types, then choose Tap Faucet City Singapore experts who are well trained and knowledgeable about tap installation and replacement. Furthermore, they know about most common faucet problems if leaks occur in your faucets.


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