4 Factors Affecting The Price of Kitchen Tap

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In most families, food is cooked, utensils are washed in the kitchen, so the kitchen sink tap is used several times a day. Many families have a mixer tap to mix cold water with hot water to get the water temperature they want. Most families would like to purchase and install the best kitchen tap they can afford so that they can use it for many years without any repairs or replacement. Hence, a tap buyer needs to know the main factors affecting the kitchen tap price to choose the suitable tap model.


Material Quality 


One of the main reasons why most kitchen taps are expensive is that they are made from stainless steel or other materials that do not get rusted easily, even if exposed to water for a long time. Most of the reputed tap brands like Grohe Taps or Kohler Taps, etc., will guarantee that their taps can be used for a decade or more without rusting or leakage, so they use the best grade of steel alloys, brass, or other material available. The raw material used is expensive.

Additionally, manufacturing the tap is costly since high levels of accuracy are required while machining and at different stages of the manufacturing process. A few companies are also selling plastic taps, and the cost of these taps is usually far lower since they are not very durable like most common faucet types




The kitchen taps are designed to be opened quickly whenever water is required. To reduce water wastage, they should be closed quickly, and there should be no water leakage after the tap is closed which is among the most common faucet problems. Like all mechanical items, the functionality of the tap will be affected by wear and tear after it has been used for several years.

The top tap brands like Fidelis Taps are investing a large amount in research and development so that their taps are of the highest quality and can be used without any problem for several years. These brands are also offering a more extended warranty on the faucets they sell. Some of the taps have a chrome coating to look new. So the taps of the best quality will be more expensive.


Special Features 


Increasingly, companies are manufacturing taps with unique features to reduce water wastage and for the user’s convenience. Touchless faucets incorporate sensors to detect human presence and automatically switch on and off. Though this helps save money by reducing water wastage significantly, the additional electronics required for this feature increases the tap cost.

Similarly, some water tap valves have other features like a spray or necks which can be rotated, which increases the cost of the kitchen tap.


Tap Brands 

A malfunctioning tap is sometimes one of the reasons for a leaking tap and it is an inconvenience that can cause water wastage. Moreover, it can be a sign that your tap needs to be replaced. Hence most homeowners prefer to install taps of the most reputed brands in their kitchen. Kohler, Grohe, Delta Faucet, American standard are some of the top brands with top-quality durable taps. Moen is considered the leading brand for touchless and hi-tech taps, becoming increasingly popular.



Many families have a mixer tap which allows them to mix cold water with hot water to get the water temperature they want. Most families would like to purchase and install the best kitchen tap which they can afford so that they can use it for many years without any repairs or replacement.

Furthermore, here are the factors affecting the price of a kitchen tap such as material quality, functionality, special features, and tap brands that can affect the price of a tap. If you are still in doubt which tap is the best for your kitchen, contact Tap Faucet City Singapore. We have experienced professionals who can help you with your tap and faucet needs. 


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