4 Reasons Why Purchasing and Installing a Bidet Spray Can Help Save Money

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In Singapore, most people use toilet paper to clean up after using the toilet. However, bidet sprays are more common in Europe and Japan. Aside from having improved hygiene, it can help households to save a lot of money. Listed below are reasons why Singaporeans call on tap services such as bidet spray installation.



Buying and installing a high quality bidet spray is one way to save money on plumbing. While some luxury bidets sprays may be costly, there are many affordable options available. Now, most Singaporeans are looking for an affordable yet high quality bidet spray. If you require assistance in installing taps such as bidet spray, do engage a professional plumber. They have the skills and experience in recommending and installing the bidet spray that meets your demands.

Reduce Plumbing Costs


Toilet paper decomposes and forms into sediment after being used and thrown into the toilet bowl. In some circumstances, toilet paper tossed into the bathroom might clog the draining system which can cause flooding of the bathroom. As most households are unable to unclog the toilet bowl themselves, they would engage a plumber to fix this. The possibility of clogging the toilet bowl can be reduced if there is little to no toilet paper being flushed down the toilet or installing a bidet spray – one of the types of taps to installing in your home.

Reduce Toilet Paper Usage


Did you know that a roll of toilet paper can last larger families for only three days or even less? Toilet paper is a consumable that the family must buy regularly. Buying and delivering toilet paper takes time and effort. Once bidet spray installation is done, the need for toilet paper will be reduced. Therefore, less toilet paper is used which also helps to save the environment.

Prevent Potential Medical Expenses

Cleaning with toilet paper does not remove all bacteria-laden residue and faeces, it merely removes dirt. On the other hand, one of the benefits of installing a stainless steel bidet spray will wash away most dirt and bacteria which keeps the bathroom clean. Using a bidet spray also prevents the user from contaminating other locations. Did you know that frequently using toilet paper can irritate the skin? Therefore, it is quite ideal to clean with a bidet spray. Those who use the toilet regularly because of health issues will also find that the bidet sprays for cleaning.


Installing a bidet spray has its benefits. These benefits include being affordable, reducing any plumbing costs, saving toilet paper, and preventing any medical bills. That is why most Singaporeans prefer installing a bidet spray rather than buying rolls of tissue paper. If you require any assistance in installing your bidet spray, engage a professional plumber as they have the skills and experience to install them efficiently and properly.

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