4 Things To Look Out For Before A Tap Installation is Done

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Your current water tap is several years old and not only does it look bad, but because of it, your bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere the tap is installed does not look attractive either. It may even be that your tap has stopped working properly. Either way, you are thinking about having a new tap installed. Now, you just cannot install a new tap just like that. There are a few things you need to be aware of before your tap installation is complete, and we will share 4 of these with you right away.


Figure Out the Maintenance Needs Beforehand


Before you finish the tap installation, you need a brief understanding of how much effort it takes to install a new tap. You will also have to figure out if you can do the tap installation work yourself or to engage a professional tap service. You can indeed install some taps yourself. However, you need to know that  DIY installation or replacement is not recommended because you will be needing some expensive tools and a fair understanding of the installation process. Remember, DIY videos are not always helpful. Instead of taking risks, you can hire a professional plumber. They have years of experience installing new taps such as shower taps, and they will do it for you in no time. Also, if you have a leaking tap or other tap-related issues, they can help as well.


Number of Holes in the Sink

When you are considering installing a new tap (e.g., basin tap), you even have to pay attention to the number of holes in the sink. The holes can be anywhere from one to four. It depends on the type of tap you currently have. Usually, single handle taps come with a single hole in the sink. If you opt for a more advanced tap, then the number of holes will also increase.


Cost of Water Bills


According to The Straits Times, the cost of water for households above 40 m3 is about $3.69, and the cost of water for 0-40 m3 is about $2.74. Before July 1, 2017, it was $2.61 for more than 40 m3 and $2.10 for 0-40 m3. If you use 0-40 m3 per month, the increase is capped at 30%, and if you use more than 40 m3, the increase will be more than 38%. This is mainly to control the wastage of water. Now, for most people who live in HDB flats, their average water consumption per day is 143 liters. This will not be a problem as it will add less than 40 m3 per month. However, you would want to save more, then before you opt for a tap replacement, find out if and how it can help you save more water.


Hire a Professional Plumber/Installer


There is a reason why most people in Singapore prefer to hire professional plumbers such as from Tap Faucet City Singapore to install and even replace your tap. The most important reason is that each of them is well trained and experienced in handling various tap services ranging from fixing leaking taps to installing kitchen taps. They are experienced and have the right tools to get every job done correctly and efficiently.



Before a tap installation is done, you have to look out for the maintenance needs beforehand and the number of holes in the sink. You also have to be aware of the cost of the water bills before you opt for a new tap installation – find out if and how it can help you save more water. Lastly, decide whether you will be hiring a professional plumber or opting for a DIY installation, but you have to be aware of why it is still best to leave all tap installation to the professionals.


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