5 Advantages of Using Kitchen Mixer Taps

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Buying a perfect kitchen sink with an appropriate kitchen sink tap takes a lot of time. However, you have to think about the perfect kitchen tap. Among the available choices, most people in Singapore prefer a mixer tap. A mixer kitchen tap is the favorite of most because of the many benefits. Furthermore, we will share 5 such benefits with you right away.


Easy to use


A kitchen mixer tap is much easier to use, mainly if you opt for a single lever model like Fidelis Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap FT-8705. You need to turn the lever to the right temperature and lift it. You do not have to turn each kitchen tap separately to get the proper cold and hot water blend. This makes it a good option even for the elderly and children who may find it challenging to unfasten a usual kitchen tap and find that a tap/faucet replacement is necessary.




When choosing a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, you can choose to opt for a mixer tap. A mixer tap quickly helps you know the correct combination temperature, with far less water wasted. And since you will be wasting less water, this tap will naturally prove to be more economical.

Things can prove to be more cost-effective if you get your new mixer tap installed by our Tap Faucet City Singapore experts. Our experts are well-trained and have proper knowledge of installing and tap replacement. Furthermore, we are known to use the right tools and complete our work on time. Also, our experts are insured and licensed. And, what is best is that we offer our excellent services at nominal rates, thus making your new kitchen tap installation even more economical.


Modern style


A kitchen mixer tap like the Fidelis Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap FT-8705C is also one of Singaporeans’ favorites because of its appearance. It is symmetrical and sleek and thus can easily match your beautiful kitchen interiors. As they are trendy, you also have many styles to choose from. In addition, this makes it easy for you to find the perfect one for your kitchen.


Safer to gauge temperature


If you use a kitchen mixer tap, it will be safer and a lot easier for you to gauge temperature unlike other common types of faucets. Turning on two separate spouts and filling your sink may seem ideal. However, when you put your hand in the sink, you may find that the water is either too hot or maybe not hot enough. If it is too hot, you can even burn your hand.

If you use a mixer tap like the Fidelis Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer Tap FT 6705RP, you can quickly identify the right temperature, and there will be no chance of any accidents.



A mixer tap is a better choice for the environment. Since you will easily be able to find the right temperature without wasting much water, you will not only be saving on your bills, but you will also not be causing much harm to the environment. In fact, if you are one of those who want to lend a helping hand towards preserving the environment, then a kitchen mixer tap is the best choice.



It takes a long time to find the perfect kitchen sink. After that, you will have to consider the ideal kitchen faucet. The majority of Singaporeans favor a mixer tap over the other options. Most of these mixer taps are easy to use, economical, modern in style, safer to gauge temperature, and eco-friendly.

If you are looking for a professional who will install kitchen mixer taps, choose the best professional because they are skilled and experts in their industry, it is the best way to hire a professional plumber. Contact Tap Faucet City Singapore to get professionals who are known for replacing and installing new taps to perfection.


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