5 Benefits of Having A Self Closing Basin Tap

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Is your current bathroom tap rusted and ugly? Is your existing tap not working properly, or has it entirely stopped working? In either scenario, you must be considering tap replacement in your bathroom. There are many different bathroom taps available nowadays, though self-closing taps are the most popular in Singapore.

A self-closing bathroom tap needs to be pushed once to activate water flow. After it is activated, it emits water for a short while, and then after 8-10 seconds, it shuts off automatically. Still, wondering whether or not you should invest in such a tap? Then go through the five benefits mentioned below, and making a decision will certainly become a lot easier.


Maintain Good Hygiene Standards


Now, you do have to touch the self-closing bathroom tap once to turn it on, but, after you have washed your hands, it will turn off on its own. Since you will not be touching the tap after your hand is clean, cross-contamination can easily be avoided. So, if you want to maintain good hygiene standards then a self-closing basin tap definitely makes a great option.

It would be best if you choose one of the tap and faucet brands that touched the self-closing bathroom tap once to turn it on. Additionally, it will turn off on its own after you have washed your hands. Cross-contamination can easily be avoided since you will not be touching the tap after your hand is clean. If you want to maintain good hygiene standards, then a self-closing basin tap makes a great option.


Easy to Maintain

When you use a regular tap, you need to turn it on and turn it off, and thus, it is used so many times each day. Likewise, one of the most common faucet problems is when you touch the tap with wet hands, some water trickles down the tap and gradually affects its functionality. As a result, it experiences a lot of wear and tear.

However, when you use a self-closing tap, then things are different. Another thing you need to know about these taps is if you do not need to touch them after washing your hands, there are no risks of any water trickling down the tap, and thus it will not get easily damaged.


Maximum Water Saving


Compared to the other common types of faucets you have used in the past, self-closing basin taps help you conserve the most water. The amount of water utilized by these taps is controlled by shutting them off after only a few seconds. Therefore, a self-closing tap is a smart decision if you want to save water while also saving the environment.



Intentionally or unintentionally, we waste much water while utilizing a conventional tap. Once the tap is on, we take our sweet time to wash hands and then turn off the tap. Whereas, when you choose a faucet for your bathroom, using this self-closing tap, it will automatically shut off on its own.

We know how much time we have to wash our hands, and we use it wisely. Since we will not be wasting too much water, we will also be saving on our water bills, and thus it will prove to be more cost-effective.


Easy to Use


Another benefit of installing a tap like a self-closing bathroom tap in Singapore is how simple it operates. You will not even need to think about closing the faucet as that will happen independently. Therefore, push it once, wash your hands, and you are done. Yes, it is that simple.


Self Closing Basin Tap Model

After going over the five benefits of using a self-closing bathroom tap, we will go through one of the best tap and faucet products available.

Fidelis Self Closing Basin Tap FV-23


Fidelis Self Closing Basin Tap FV-23 is one of the most amazing self-closing bathroom taps. It ensures excellent water efficiency, and its water consumption is only 1.5 liters/min. It does its job efficiently. However,  it looks beautiful due to its silver chrome color and beautiful chrome finish.



It is difficult to imagine having a rusty and ugly bathroom tap. With that scenario, you will be taking actions on replacing your old faucet with a new one. There are many different bathroom taps available nowadays, though self-closing taps are the most popular in Singapore.

There are 5 benefits of having a self-closing basin tap such as, it maintains good hygiene standards, it has maximum water saving, it is cost-effective, and easy to use. If you want your new self-closing basin tap to be installed perfectly, rather than even trying to do it on your own, let it be handled by a professional like Tap Faucet City Singapore.

Each of our plumbers is a thorough professional with years of experience and excellent knowledge. We are known to replace and install new taps to perfection. Also, if you have tap-related issues like a leaking tap, we can fix that for you effectively and quickly whenever you are in need.


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