5 Benefits of Using Mixer Taps for Your Bathroom, Shower, or Kitchen

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A mixer tap is ideal for the bathroom, shower, and even the kitchen. Almost every Singaporean home has a water mixer tap, yet you may still ask, why should you be considering this type of tap installation? This is due to the benefits of using mixer taps, which we will explain shortly.


Modern Style

A mixer tap is known for its symmetrical and sleek appearance. You have a wide range of styles to choose from. They can have contemporary, sharp lines or can be curved and have a standard arch shape. There are factors that you need to consider when choosing a tap for your bathroom or kitchen. Whichever you choose, they will add character to your bathroom or kitchen




Mixer taps (e.g., basin mixer taps and kitchen mixer taps) are great for bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks. You can even mix and match by using a mixer tap on your bath to separate cold and hot taps on your basin. Mixer water taps can prove to be even more versatile – for example, you can add a shower mixer tap to your bathroom so that you can switch between a shower attachment flow and flow from your taps.




It can be difficult to understand water temperature when you use a pair of taps to fill your bath or sink. However, when you use a mixer tap, things change. It allows you to change the water temperature as it pours from your mixer tap. So you would not have to worry about the wrong temperature in your kitchen or bathroom.




A mixer tap is very useful when running a bath. When you use two separate taps, you run both simultaneously, possibly fully opening the hot tap. It may not be easy to get the right mix, and you may need to keep on standing and checking. Another option is to run hot water and then add cold water, it may cause burns which is dangerous, especially for children. As compared to other types of taps, a mixer tap is more convenient because it helps you achieve the ideal temperature. You can find your perfect temperature and let the bath fill without having to stand and check now and then.


Safe and More Economical

Using a mixer tap is safer since the water is always at the right temperature-never too cold or too hot. Thus, there will be no risks of experiencing scalds. A mixer tap is not only safer but more affordable. They are usually installed along with a flow limiter which prevents excessive water from being taken from cold and hot pipes at the same time. Using hot water in a single flow will more likely save you money. This also benefits the environment and reduces your utility bills.



There are 5 benefits of having mixer taps in your bathroom, kitchen, and even shower. They include the following: it has a wide range of modern designs to choose from, it is versatile, convenient, cost-effective and it is easy to use. If you want your mixer taps installed perfectly, engage professional plumbers with tap services as they have the skills and experience to do the job.


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