5 Reasons Why Your Bidet Spray Has Low Water Pressure

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It is common to experience low water pressure on your plumbing installation such as basin tap, mixer tap, and bidet sprays. Hence, you may be wondering if there is an issue with your water system. There are several factors for low water pressure such as water leaks, low water pressure at your house, wrong spray setting, etc. If you are experiencing low water pressure on your bidet spray, do not worry as we have listed a few things to address your problem. 

Water Leakages


Water leakages or pipe leaks are usually the main cause of having a low water pressure. There are several ways how to spot a leaking tap, such as a bidet spray. First is to put a small piece of toilet paper around the joint where you think the leaks are and turn on the bidet. If the toilet paper is wet, then there is a leak. However, if the bidet spray has weak pressure, the problem might be caused by water supply fittings and hoses.

Low Water Supply


If you are experiencing low water pressure from your bidet spray, need to check if it is full. If it is not full, someone might have reduced the water supply to the bidet spray. It is ideal to hire a plumbing professional to fix your leaking taps. They could also share with you plumbing maintenance tips to avoid this from happening again. Normally, the water supply tap is installed behind the toilet wall. If you have a T-valve that has a pressure regulator in your water system, then ensure to open it as well

One of the common factors that people misunderstand about plumbing is experiencing low water pressure occasionally is fine. Remember that blocked water pressure can decrease the water flow into your bidet spray such as the Fidelis bidet tap FT-5005. Water pressure in the bidet is equal to the water influx. Therefore, if the water flow is reduced, then you will have a low water pressure. A pressure regulator is similar to a level found on a t-adapter that is free from any connection.

Adjust The Spray Head

If a tap installation such as a bidet spray is done in your home and you want to extend its lifespan, make sure to check if you need to adjust the spray head from time to time. Although, this is only applicable if you have an adjustable sprayer. This is due to the fact that several spray heads have softer/wider settings. If you want to buy and install a bidet spray with an adjustable sprayer, you should consider narrowing the sprayer width as this can help in increasing the water pressure. Hire a professional to do the installation since it is not recommended to do a DIY tap installation or replacement

Water Pressure


There is a problem with the main water supply if your bidet suddenly produces a very low pressure. For example, if the water pressure is too high, then this is the reason why your tap is leaking. You can utilise a pressure gauge to check on your water pressure. Although the right water pressure can range from 40-60 PSI, the normal rate can range from 30-80 PSI. However, do note that water pressure that is over 80 PSI is not recommended. 

Water Failure

If you are still experiencing water failure, then this might be a bigger issue occurring such as water service interruption in the entire neighborhood. Other than a service interruption, there might be other possible problems such as corroded plumbing, broken pressure regulators, or blocked pipes. If you are experiencing low water pressure, it is ideal to hire a plumbing expert to help you address this issue. 


Now we know the reasons behind the low water pressure on your bidet sprays, it is important to follow the necessary ways mentioned above on how to prevent this issue. If the low water pressure persists, make sure to call a plumbing professional like Tap & Faucet City Singapore. Our professionals are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to carry out successful work. 

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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.

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