5 Signs When You Need To Replace Your Shower Set

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Many families in Singapore use the shower tap in their bathroom regularly for taking a relaxing bath. Like most other plumbing fixtures, the performance and durability of the shower will depend on the quality and tap installation of the shower set in Singapore.

Usually, users will initially not face any problem with the shower set they have installed. They will get water at the desired pressure when bathing. However, after a few years or more, they notice that the shower is malfunctioning. There is a problem with the shower headset in some cases, or there may be other problems. Some indications that the shower headset should be replaced are given below. 


Leaks Are Noticed


Ideally, water should flow from the shower only when switched on, and no water should flow otherwise. However, in many cases, after the shower has been used for several years, a small amount of water will lead to a leaking tap from the shower after it has been switched off.

In addition to the causes and dangers of a leaking shower tap, this leaking water can damage the other parts of the shower. In a few cases, the nuts, bolts, screws, washers may be loose or missing causing water leakage and may be fixed. However, some parts of the shower may be damaged or corroded in other cases, so the shower should be replaced.


Buildup of Sediment 

Water usually contains dissolved mineral salts and may sometimes be muddy. Additionally, one way to know if you have a faulty shower tap is if the water flows through the showerhead at a high-temperature pressure, and some of the impurities are deposited on the inner side of the showerhead.

This buildup of dirt and other sediment reduces water flow in the shower. Though the lime, calcium, and other deposits may be removed, other components in the shower may get damaged or corroded due to chemical reactions. So if there is more buildup, it is better to remove the sediment.


Sudden Water Temperature Changes 

Ideally, the water from the shower should be warm at the preset temperature. However, in some cases, even if the water heater supplying hot water to the shower is functioning correctly, there may be a problem with one or more valves in the shower, due to which the temperature of the water from the shower fluctuates, it may be warm for some time and then suddenly change to cold.

Repairing the valves controlling the water supply is expensive and is among the factors affecting the cost of rainshower set Installation, so it is better to replace the shower.


When Mold Buildup Appears 


Mold, mildew, and fungi will flourish in areas where the humidity levels are high. When these grow, they can result in respiratory problems, allergies, and other health problems. This mold is black or green and is difficult to remove. Hence, shower replacement is the safer and better option in the long term.


Fluctuations in Water Pressure


After the shower has been used for several years, the water pressure in the shower will often fluctuate due to sediment, debris, and damage to components. As a result, sometimes water flows very slowly, making it difficult to bathe in the shower. Thus, instead of wasting time, it is advisable to plan a tap replacement for your shower at the earliest.



Many Singaporean families take a peaceful bath in their shower on a regular basis. The quality and installation of the shower set singapore, like that of most other plumbing fixtures, will determine its performance and durability. There are 5 signs when you need to replace your shower set such as leaks are noticed, there are built up sediment, sudden water temperature changes, mold build-up appears, and fluctuations in water pressure.

It is important to know how to spot these to address them immediately. If not, it may result in a bigger problem, and in that case, it is best to engage a professional tap and faucet service like Tap Faucet City Singapore. We have experienced workers that can quickly solve a leaking shower tap and provide other tap and faucet services.


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