5 Things To Take Note Of When Buying and Installing A Bidet Spray

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It can be very inconvenient and costly to use toilet paper after using the toilet every day as you will need to buy it regularly. Furthermore, using toilet paper will not guarantee thorough cleanliness. This is the reason why many families in Singapore choose to have a tap installation, shower set installation, or bidet spray installation as these can help them save money. Before installing a bidet spray, here are some factors to consider when buying and installing one.


Know Your Budget


The first thing you will need to take note of is your budget for buying and installing the bidet spray. Bidet spray manufacturers produce a wide range of bidet spray models such as Arino Bidet Tap AR-702C-S or a Fidelis Bidet Tap FT-5033. It is important to also be aware of cheaper bidet sprays. They have fewer features and are mostly made of plastic. On the contrary, expensive bidet sprays are of a higher-grade which can help you in cleaning more thoroughly. 



When buying a faucet or a bidet spray, you must ensure that it is durable since it will be used frequently. There will be some cases wherein you must hire a plumber if you face any issues with your bidet. A warranty of one year or more is provided by the seller to show how durable the bidet spray is as they are confident that there will be no initial plumbing repairs are required. 


Water Pressure Adjustment


For those individuals who have health problems such as itching, they can easily control the water pressure to their desired level. It is important to know some plumbing practices that you can do to prevent your bidet spray from leaking. If you require assistance, do hire a plumbing professional to fix your leaking tap. Normally, expensive bidet sprays allow you to adjust the water pressure depending on your desired choice. Furthermore, if you have skin problems, it is recommended to pick a bidet spray that can adjust the water pressure. 


Bidet Spray Style and Features

A thing you need to know about taps such as a bidet spray is that most of them have a fixed nozzle. If you want more flexibility in cleaning, then a bidet spray is the best option. Expensive bidet tap products can give you warm water since it is better for cleaning. It can also be used for cleaning the bathroom or the toilet. For larger bathrooms areas, make sure to buy a bidet spray that has a longer hose length. 


Bidet Spray Material 


The material used in making the bidet spray influences the durability and cost. Although plastic-made bidet sprays are cheaper, they are not recommended since they are not sturdy enough. The best option is to install a bidet tap that is made out of stainless steel or brass to avoid corrosion. 



There are several things to look out for before a tap installation  (e.g., installing a bidet spray) such as your budget, durability, water pressure adjustment, styles, and features, and the material made out. Once you have purchased the right bidet spray for your bathroom, you may contact us at Tap & Faucet City Singapore. Our plumbing experts have the experience and necessary tools to carry out a bidet spray installation. We guarantee that our services are efficient and reliable to every customer. 


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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.

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