6 Reasons Why Is My Bidet Spray Leaking

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Increasingly, families prefer to install a bidet spray in their toilets due to its convenience and effectiveness in washing the dirt away. However, this bidet spray can be used effectively for cleaning only if the water flows at the correct pressure. One of the most common bidet spray problems is a bidet spray leak, where water leaks from the nozzle and other parts of the spray. In addition to being highly inconvenient to the user, a leaking bidet spray is not very effective for cleaning. If the leaking persists, then it is time to get your tap replaced. Some of the reasons why bidet sprays tend to leak will be discussed below.


A Washer Issue


One of the things to take note of when buying and installing a bidet spray is that most of them use compression fittings that require a washer. Different kinds of problems may arise with the washer such as it being damaged, fixed incorrectly, or losing it. The washer is usually a black or dark-colored ring of rubber or of similar material. If the washer is of old age or is not installed properly, cracks or holes may develop which water can leak through. It is advised to install it correctly to avoid experiencing leaking taps.


Defective Nozzle

Every bidet spray has a nozzle, which may break or become defective. The nozzle may become loose, develop holes, crack, or become misaligned. To address the problem, the bidet spray needs to be opened in order to check the nozzle. If the nozzle does not fit properly, it may be necessary to remove and fix it. In other cases, the nozzle developed holes or cracks, requiring it to be replaced. Hire professional plumbing services to do the replacement since it is not recommended to do a DIY tap installation or replacement.


Broken Hose


A hose connects the spray head to the water supply valve, and this hose may become damaged due to multiple reasons which can result in water leaking. In some cases, the hose is of poor quality, while in other cases, the hose is already of old age or has been handled improperly. Replacing the hose usually fixes the water leak. It is recommended to engage a professional plumber with tap services to assist you in replacing the hose.


Connection Is Too Loose

The installed bidet spray is connected to the valves at one end, and the spray head at the other. It is important to apply the right pressure while connecting each part. If the connection is loose, there will be some gap between the threads, which may cause water leakage. Hence, it is advisable to tighten the connection and check if the leak stops. If unsure on what to do, you may consult a professional plumbing service.


The Connections Are Over Tightened


One thing you need to know about taps is that when fixing a plumbing connection, you cannot apply too much force. This is one of the common mistakes that many people make while fixing the plumbing connection. They apply too much force when connecting the parts which cause them to be over-tightened. This can ultimately damage the threads, increasing pressure on the surrounding components which results in misalignment or warping of the washer. It is advisable to loosen the connection and gradually tighten it in order to stop the leak. A tap replacement is necessary when the leak does not stop as one or more washers may need replacement. In case the leak does not stop, one or more washers may need replacement.


High-Pressure Water Supply

high-pressure-water-supply-reasons -why-is-my-bidet-spray-leaking-bidet-spray-services-tap-faucet-city-singapore

Though this problem is less frequent, in some cases, the reason why your tap is leaking is due to high water pressure. Using a longer pipe for the bidet spray may help in resolving the problem.



A leaking bidet spray can be caused by numerous reasons and each of these causes has different appropriate fixes. Proper checkups and repair should be done through the guidance of a professional tap and faucet service such as Tap & Faucet City Singapore to diagnose and fix the issue efficiently and properly.


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