6 Things to Consider Before Installing a Bathroom Tap

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Has your existing bathroom tap started showing problems? Does it look ugly, or is it not working properly, or not working at all? Either way, you must have decided to invest in a new bathroom tap. Nowadays, just buying a new tap randomly and doing DIY tap installation does not work. It should go hand in hand with the professional plumber. It would be best to consider things before installing a new bathroom faucet. We shall share 6 such things with you right away.


Choose A Style And Finish


A bathroom tap is simply a sanitary fitting that functions appropriately. However, this does not imply that you will ignore it. If you pay attention to it, look for signs your taps need to be replaced, because you will be surprised at how much it can help change the look of your bathroom.

A bathroom tap with a geometric shape or sleek, smooth curves with satin nickel and chrome finish will look great if you have a modern bathroom. There are common types of faucets. However, if you want to go traditional, you can choose a bathroom faucet in Singapore with cross handles. Brushed nickel, antique copper, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, antique bronze, and pewter finish taps can quickly help you achieve the traditional look.




You buy a bathroom tap for a particular function nowadays. It will not be enough to have anything attractive. However, it must also fulfill its purpose.

Another thing you need to know about taps is that before you install a new bathroom tap, you should learn about its functionality. Please find out how to use it and understand how to get the right hot and cold water combination. Furthermore, find out how the lever needs to be moved – is it easy to use, do you need to exert extra pressure to open and close it, and can children and adults enjoy easy access to it. 


Space Saving


Nowadays, lack of space is one of the most common faucet problems. Some of us live in small HDB flats with tiny bathrooms. In such cases, we need to invest in everything to help us save some space. Even when it comes to a bathroom tap, you must look for the one that can help you save space.

It will be a great idea to look for a small kitchen sink tap. Not only do the big sinks look good, though even small-sized sinks also look very cute and stylish, and they serve their function just as well. Now that you have invested in a small sink, likewise, find a slight bathroom tap that not only complements your sink perfectly well but also helps you save a lot of space that you can use in so many other ways.


The Different Hole Patterns


You might have never noticed that different bathroom taps in Singapore come with different hole patterns like Grohe taps, Kohler taps, Fidelis taps, and many more. Before investing in one, you first need to decide which type of pattern will be ideal for the kind of sink you have. If you require a separate hot and cold water handle, then the three-hole tap will be perfect for you.

A center-set faucet is yet another choice that you have. It has one or two handles that let you control flow and temperature and is an ideal choice if you have a bathroom sink with a single opening. The handles and the spout come on one base with the center seat. Furthermore, with a spread of 4-inch, this kind of tap is ideal for smaller sinks.


Is It Water Saving?

If you plan to go green with your bathroom fixtures, you need to improve your house rating and quality. Look for water-saving bathroom taps and shower taps that allow you to enjoy a perfect experience but reduce water consumption. You can even opt for a touchless electronic tap. The perfect hand detection of such sensor taps makes use of only as much water as is necessary.

Nowadays, since you have many choices, finding a bathroom tap will be challenging to help you save a lot of water. Instead of just going by reviews or making some random purchase, you can take the help of an expert. Our Tap Faucet City Singapore experts can prove to be of great help to you.

Our plumbers are thorough professionals, have years of experience, and excellent knowledge on how to repair a faucet. We have already completed installing bathroom taps in many homes in Singapore. We can help you decide the best bathroom taps for your home, which will look perfect, have great functionality, and also help you save water. Correspondingly, we can replace and install the new tap for you to perfection. Furthermore, if you face other tap-related problems, later on, we can fix that for you as well.


Is It Convenient And Easy To Use?

One thing specified by most faucet buying guides is that when buying a bathroom tap, you first need to think about who will be using the tap. If you have elderly and children at home, it will be best to opt for a single-handle bathroom tap. This kind of tap lets the user easily control the temperature of the water. Again, it makes it convenient to adjust the flow using only one lever that is easy to grip and move. 

If you want things to be even more convenient, you may opt for the touch-sensitive tap. They may have double or single handles, but either way, you can switch off or on the water flow with a single touch just along the outside of your tap spout. Together with being very convenient, this will also prove to be very stylish.



Nowadays buying a new tap randomly and installing it does not work. There are things that you need to consider before installing a new bathroom faucet. Further, you need to consider things before installing a bathroom tap such as choosing a style and finish, its functionality, space saving, the different hole patterns, its water saving, and considering if it is convenient and easy to use.

If you have encountered problems like leaking on your tap, it is the best way to hire a professional plumber, because they know the reasons why your tap is leaking. Hire professionals or contact Tap Faucet City Singapore, each of their plumbers is a thorough professional with years of experience and excellent knowledge. They are known to replace and install new taps to perfection. 


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