6 Ways to Increase My Bidet Spray’s Water Pressure

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A large number of homes install taps such as a bidet spray to clean themselves after using the toilet. To some extent, the effectiveness of the toilet spray in cleaning depends on the water pressure applied. If the pressure is low, debris will continue to stick to the skin, the user may need to look for other options such as using toilet paper to clean it off. There are several reasons why your bidet spray has low water pressure such as water leaks, wrong spray setting, etc. However, it is possible to increase the pressure of the toilet bidet spray by adjusting some settings in the toilet spray. Some of the easiest and most effective methods to boost water pressure for the bidet spray will be discussed below.


Check the Water Pressure Regulator


Most homes have a regulator which adjusts the water pressure as required. Oftentimes the pressure setting is adequate for other plumbing fixtures to work properly, but it is insufficient for bidet spray use. Turning the knob on the regulator clockwise will help increase the water pressure in the bidet spray. In some cases, the pressure regulator malfunctions or gets damaged. That is why it is advisable to replace the pressure regulator as soon as possible to increase water pressure.


Open the Shutoff Valve

During the installation of the bidet spray, the shutoff valves may be closed off. These valves remain closed after completing the installation. After the installation, the user should check the shutoff valve if it is fully opened. When found closed or not fully opened, the user should address the issue by opening it fully.


Change Spray Modes


When tap products such as bidet spray are used in your respective homes, make sure to check their spray modes regularly. There are things to take note of when buying and installing bidet sprays. Many bidet sprays have multiple modes which mainly vary in water pressure from the bidet nozzle. Some family members may prefer to use low pressure to prevent skin damage. If the user finds that the pressure is low, he should change the spray mode in order to increase water pressure for quick and thorough cleaning.


 Clean the Nozzles


The nozzles of the bidet spray often get clogged by the sand, rust, dirt, and other debris in the water, and when it is being used. This reduces the amount of water flowing and its pressure. While some of the nozzles are self-cleaning, in other cases, the nozzle may have to be cleaned manually. The user should follow the instructions provided for cleaning the nozzles, to improve the flow of water. The nozzles of the bidet spray often get clogged by sand, rust, dirt, and other debris in the water. This reduces the amount of water flowing through and water pressure. While some nozzles have self-cleaning capabilities, others need to be cleaned manually. The user should follow provided instructions for cleaning the nozzles in order to improve the water flow.


Check Mesh Filters


The bidet spray usually has mesh filters to remove impurities from the water. Over time, the filters get clogged with deposits from the water, especially hard water, and this reduces water pressure and flow. The user needs to check the mesh filters, clean them if possible or replace the filters in order to restore the water pressure. Knowing a comprehensive guide to bidet sprays can be helpful in maintaining your bidet sprays.


Call A Plumber

If the above methods are not effective in increasing the water pressure, it is advisable to contact a reputable plumber with tap services. Known for their high-quality workmanship, the well-trained and experienced staff of a plumbing firm will quickly diagnose and fix the problem and offer a workmanship warranty on all the work they have done.



The effectiveness of a bidet spray is dependent on the water pressure it is provided with. There are several factors that affect water pressure. Certain causes of weak pressure can be easily fixed by the user such as cleaning the nozzles or changing spray modes. If the difficulty is met, it is advised to call professional plumbing services with tap services to help diagnose and recommend if a tap replacement is required.


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