7 Common Bidet Spray Misconceptions

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Installing a bidet spray is just as beneficial as installing other taps in terms of convenience and health. You won’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper. Your body will be free of genital infections as well.

Using a bidet spray has several benefits, which is why most homeowners from Singapore have one placed next to their toilet bowl. Despite this, there are still some people who aren’t sure what to make of it. People’s misconceptions about bidet sprays are to blame for this. Consequently, we’ll dispel some of the most widespread misconceptions concerning bidet sprays. Keep reading to learn more. 


The Most Common Bidet Spray Misconceptions

They Are Hard To Use

A bidet spray may appear difficult to operate at first, but this is only because you are unfamiliar with it. When you start using them, you will notice that they are quite simple to use. After all, a bidet spray will keep the bathroom tidy.

To make things easier for you, you can read more about your chosen bidet on your tap and faucet installation guide. Or, you can reach out to Tap & Faucet City Singapore to help you out.                         

They Are Unhygienic To Use

Using a bidet may look challenging and intimidating at first. It might also seem like you will be drenched as soon as you turn the lever. However, modern bidets like the Arino Bidet Tap from Tap & Faucet city come with pressure control. You can easily adjust the pressure and position depending on your needs. 

When it comes to hygiene, there is no chance that a toilet bidet spray can be unsanitary. In fact, bidet sprays are a healthier option compared to toilet paper. It eliminates the need to wipe initially after using the toilet. Furthermore, bidet water is tank water rather than toilet water.

Do not be concerned if you have low water pressure in your house; Tap & Faucet City’s services can easily have this fixed. However, if your water pressure is enough, your bidet spray will thoroughly clean the filth and germs on your toilet bowl and throughout your bathroom. 

They Are Not Comfortable and Awkward To Use

Using a bidet spray for the first time can make you feel a little uneasy. But, that’s just a temporary feeling. Once you get used to your bidet spray, you will never want to go back to using toilet paper. 

As long as you use a bidet in accordance with its instructions, you won’t feel any discomfort. Some bidet models allow you to control the temperature and water pressure for utmost comfort and experience. 

However, if you are experiencing low water pressure issues with your bidet or spot a leaking tap, You can contact Tap Faucet & City. Our professionals will immediately fix the problem.

They Consume Much Water


Do you know it takes many dozen gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper? The good thing about using a bidet is that it is eco-friendly, and this is a common question regarding green plumbing.

Since a toilet sprayer can prove to be a more eco-friendly solution than always using toilet paper and flushing it. Using a bidet will save you money and is a better choice for the environment as well.

Did you know that it takes gallons of water just to make one roll of toilet paper? One of the best benefits of using a stainless bidet spray is that it is eco-friendly. A bidet serves as a more eco-friendly solution compared to always using toilet paper. Moreover, it is much more cost-efficient.

They Are Hard For A Professional To Install


You may have been led to believe that installing a bidet sprayer is difficult even for a plumber. When you hire a professional like Tap & Faucet City, nothing is beyond our capabilities.

Plumbing problems of any kind are no match for our skilled technicians. They utilize the best plumbing equipment, so installing a bidet spray is a breeze. When you need it done, you can count on us to get it done quickly, and if there are any problems that arise, Tap Faucet & City is here to help you out. 

If you are experiencing a faulty bidet, there are many reasons why your bidet spray has low water pressure. Call Tap & Faucet city immediately to help you out.   


The Benefits of Using Bidet Sprays

It Can Save You Money on Toilet Paper

Purchasing toilet paper adds up to your annual expenses. However, purchasing and installing a bidet spray can help you save money and time. 

Apart from that, some bidet spray models come with built-in warm air dryers. This feature will completely eliminate the need to use toilet paper for wiping and drying. 

It Is More Sanitary Than Toilet Paper

Another thing to take note of when buying a bidet spray is hygiene. When changing your toddler’s diaper and some excitement falls on your wrist, you won’t need to clean it with toilet paper anymore. With a bidet, you can simply wash it off with water. 

It Is Cost Efficient

There are many bidet sprays in the market. Some can be expensive too. ​​ This is the perfect time to contact a reputable plumber in Singapore, such as Tap & Faucet City Singapore. We can help you find the best bidet spray that fits your budget and specifications.

Tap Faucet & City Singapore’s installation charges are also very reasonable. You will get professional services and good customer service for a great price.  It proves to be a great deal and will save you money overall. 

It Helps The Environment

toilet-and-stainless-bidet-debunking-misconceptions- bidet-spray-tap-and-faucet-city-singapore

Regularly using toilet paper is wasteful. But, once you have a bidet spray installed in your bathroom, less toilet paper is used. Hence, more trees will be saved, and you will be helping in preserving the environment. 

It Provides Bathroom Independence

As people get older, they often lose their ability to use bathroom taps like a bidet spray on their own, which can be humiliating for them.

Bidet sprays are a good investment for the elderly, as they will be able to maintain their independence in the bathroom for longer. With an air-dryer feature included, it will be very beneficial for them. A bidet and a well-placed grab bar allow the elderly to take care of themselves in the bathroom without help. 



There are still some people who have misconceptions about bidet spays. A bidet spray is not just a luxury to have but also a necessity. It is cost-efficient, hygienic, convenient, and environmentally friendly. This is the reason why many people are having bidets installed in their bathrooms.

Tap & Faucet City Singapore will provide you with high-quality tap and faucet solutions. For bidet spray installations, our plumbers have extensive training and experience in the field. 

We have become one of the leading experts in Singapore because of our professional attitude and high-quality work. Our plumbers are trusted by many people and renowned establishments in Singapore. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and use quality material for your comfort. 


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