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8 Common Causes Of Leaky Faucets

Have you ever experienced switching off a shower or faucet, only to find a few hours later or the very next day, that there is a pool of water and a dripping faucet? Knowing that you have wasted water and also metaphorically dripped money down the drain, can be very frustrating. Recognizing the early signs of a leaky faucet is key so that you can prevent your water bills from rising unnecessarily.


Loose parts

The different sink and faucet parts can loosen with time due to a number of reasons. The main issue is that some connections between several parts might have given in to wear and tear, or the tap was of poor tap installation quality, which led to the leaking tap. A tap repair in the form of tightening of the loose parts may be futile since it will most likely happen again. Plus, there are no visible screws to tighten a tap, so the best solution is to replace the tap. Our professional tap installers can help you with the tap replacement, and as certified plumbers, can check out the plumbing to make sure the leaking issue is not coming from somewhere else.


Issues with washers

A worn-out washer is another common issue that causes leaky water faucet. Sink washers are either metal or rubber pieces that seal up gaps in your pipes to avoid leaks. Over time, washers can be displaced due to constant use or friction against other parts. Besides, leaks can spring if the washer wasn’t properly installed or the wrong size was installed. Our reputable team can fix such common issues including the underlying ones at affordable prices.


Worn out or broken O-rings

O-ring is a metal or rubber gasket that keeps seal gaps airtight especially in cartridge faucets.

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These parts will eventually wear out causing water leakage at the base of the spout, at the handles or at the tap’s nozzle. For this reason, they require replacement because left at length may encourage mold growth around the edges, which is not only unsightly but potentially hazardous to health.


Issues with the valve seat

The valve connects the water pipe and the faucet tap. As water flows through the valve seat to reach the sink, a mineral build-up occurs causing the corrosion of the valve seat which in turn can cause a leak around the sprout section. Leakage manifests after the valve seat breaks or worn out enough. Our company offers a wide range of faucet Singapore services, therefore, such an issue can be dealt with immediately. We possess the right tools to make sure that the job is done professionally and quickly, 7 days a week.



Calcium or Lime Build-up

When there is lime build-up on the tap, there will be hard, scaly deposits on the tap that will make it difficult to open and close the tap. This will at times lead to a leaking tap because it simply does not let you close the tap sufficiently to overcome the friction caused by the lime deposit. There are many DIY ways to get rid of these scaly mineral deposits, but to prevent such an occurrence, you can check out our article on how to maintain your faucet to keep it looking shiny.



Bad Seals

Most faucet tap designs have many inlet seals in their structure. These seals allow for the movement of water freely while the faucet is on. They also stop the water when one turns off the tap. Over time, due to excessive pressure from overflowing water, the seals may sediment and scale, which damages them. When these seals become damaged, then allowing water to move freely or stopping them becomes resulting in water drips.



Broken Plumbing

A broken pipe or fitting can cause a dripping faucet. Usually, when a pipe or fitting breaks, cracks emerge that leak out to an area below the sink. If these cracks bring new problems with the water pressure, then you’ll find the faucet to be dripping over time. The solution to broken pipes is fixing them or replacing them with newer ones. Alternatively, if you try both solutions and they fail to work, then its time you consider getting a professional plumber to examine your water pipes.



Improper Installation of the Washer

Often, when you fail to install the washer properly, then you’ll encounter challenges of leaky faucets. It also occurs when you install faucets that are not of the right size. For the best installation services, we’ll recommend the services of professional plumbers at your locality. These experts have the required expertise and experience in the installation and maintenance of faucets.

Are you currently enduring a leaking tap and know you have to get it fixed soon? A leaking tap may seem innocuous until the water bill comes in at the end of the month. If you are looking for a specialist in taps and faucet services, be sure to give us a call or drop a Whatsapp. Tap Faucet City Singapore is a professional company with many years of experience in tap and faucet supply and install services. Besides that and tap replacement, our plumbers are also readily available to help you with issues of leaking taps.

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