A Comprehensive Guide on Two-Way Taps

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Now that your old tap has started showing common faucet problems or has completely stopped working, you must be planning to invest and install a new tap. It is inevitable to have multiple choices, but you should not make a random purchase. Making an informed decision is necessary if you want your tap to function right away. The tap that is gaining the most popularity in Singapore nowadays is a two-way tap. If you are considering installing a new tap, then you should be aware of certain things that will help you make an informed purchase. Here is a comprehensive guide on two-way tap:


The Function of a Two-Way Tap


What you need to know about taps is that the water pipe connecting (even vertically) to your tub tap extends to the showerhead. Water flows directly through the tap and enters your tub when you open your diverter valve. However, if you plan to take a shower, you need to lift the lever or knob near the diverter valve. This will cause pressure and force the water to flow upward and come out of your showerhead.


Structure of a Tap Valve

A water tap valve helps control the flow of water. Meanwhile, a diverter valve helps send water up to a showerhead. If you have turned the knob on your showerhead and sent water up for a shower, you basically turned on the diverter valve. This valve basically diverts the water direction. It is a simple piece of hardware, and you get them in different types.


Types of Tap Valves

Tap For Bathtub

A tee-diverter is a simple valve that is ideal for your bathtub faucet or bathroom tap. It comes with a straight handle which when you pull, water will go directly to the showerhead.

Another ideal tap valve for your bathtub is a two-valve director- one of the factors to consider before installing a bathroom tap for your home. It is located at the center of your faucet and has two L-shaped valves. There is a single knob or lever that helps adjust water temperature between the taps of your two-way valve tap. Water will be directed from your bathtub tap to your showerhead when you turn the handle.

Shower Tap

A three-valve can be used for your showerhead or shower tap as can the other two options shared above. A three-valve director is present between the taps of a two-tap faucet. Once the water from the cold and hot faucet is set at an ideal temperature, the third faucet is involved. It diverts water through the valve and it comes out of the showerhead.

Other Types of Taps

Unlike common types of taps, the 4-way shower tap or diverter valve pool tap is used for special shower fixtures or in pool plumbing. Whichever two-way valve tap you select, you may not know how to install a tap properly and must not attempt to do it on your own. Instead, you can take the help of a professional plumber. They have years of experience in providing tap services in multiple homes.


Two-Way Tap vs Transfer Tap


The main difference between a two-way tap and a transfer tap is how they direct the supply of water. A two-way tap switches water flow between a shower and a tub, either the tub tap or the showerhead gets the flow of water. A transfer tap, on the other hand, offers water to multiple outlets together. If you opt for a transfer tap, you will be able to use more than one component at the same time (e.g., your main showerhead as well as the hand-held showerhead).


Two-Way Tap Model

Fidelis FT 105-1

Fidelis FT 105-1 is a 2-way tap, with great water efficiency and water consumption of 4.1 liters per minute. It has a silver chrome color and chrome finished body, owing to which it also looks very attractive and is a perfect fit for every bathroom. This is a wonderful two-way tap that has great water efficiency and can consume 4.1 liters of water per minute. It has a silver chrome color and chrome finished body. This has a very pleasing look and is a perfect fit for every bathroom. These are things you can take note of when choosing a two-way tap.


If you are planning to install a new tap and replace it with a two-way tap, then you should be aware of certain things to serve as a guide to buying a tap and faucet. You should know its function, structure, and its different types. It is best to engage a professional plumber to install your two-way tap as they are experts who have the necessary experience and can perform the job quickly and efficiently.


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