A Comprehensive Guide to Bidet Sprays in Singapore

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When you want to get fresh, do you only clean yourself with a dry towel and consider it done? Of course not. It is only when you take a proper shower, you will feel fresh and clean. If you prefer cleaning your entire body with water, why not do the same with your nether region as well? This is when a bidet spray can prove to be helpful. A bidet sprays water to help you clean perfectly after you have used the bathroom. If you are already considering installing a tap like a bidet spray, this comprehensive guide will prove to be very helpful.


Introduction to Handheld Bidets


A bidet tap has three parts – a bidet spray head, a bidet hose, and a shut-off T-valve. The non-electric bidets use water pressure, so even if there is no electric outlet close to your toilet, a bidet spray can still be used. You can use a hand-held toilet sprayer for so many other purposes. You can use it to clean your pets, large items in your bathroom, and shower walls. Even new mothers love using bidet sprays because they help clean sensitive postpartum skin gently. One of the many reasons why purchasing and installing bidet spray can help you save money, aside from having improved hygiene, is that it is affordable and reduces your plumbing costs. Most importantly, if cleanliness is essential to you, using a bidet spray each time you use the bathroom is a must.



Just like any common type of tap, a bidet spray stays connected to the water source of your toilet. It will work just like any sprayer that you have in your garden or kitchen sink. Once you have done your business, all you need to do is keep sitting on the toilet and grab the spray. Now, aim it at the area you desire to clean and squeeze the bidet handle. The water and the feces will go down into your toilet. You can even adjust the kind of water pressure you want. You can begin by using low pressure and then change it as per your needs.



There are many benefits of installing a stainless steel bidet spray. For instance, it is great for personal hygiene. Experts say it is much better and healthier if you clean the area with both toilet paper and water instead of just toilet paper. Also, if you use a bidet spray, it becomes a lot easier to clean the area. Particularly, if someone has mobility issues in your home, reaching down there and cleaning properly with toilet paper can be difficult. If you have a bidet sprayer installed, things will be a lot easier. In addition, bidet sprayers are even much safer for the environment compared to toilet papers that are made after cutting down trees. Furthermore, if you do not use as much toilet paper and thus, they do not go through your plumbing pipes, then the chances of clogging also get reduced. This holds even if you are using flushable pipes.


Bidet Tap Models in Singapore

Now that we have a fair understanding of bidet sprays and their benefits, let us learn about a few top models that you can find in Singapore. There are things to take note of when buying and installing a bidet spray, such as its features, styles, and durability. There are plenty of options to choose from but make sure to pick one that is right for your home. Before that, one thing that you need to know is that no matter which bidet spray you select, you must get it professionally installed, and our Tap Faucet City Singapore experts can prove to be your best bet. Each of our professionals is well-trained and highly experienced. We have already installed bidet sprays in many homes in Singapore and are known for our timely and efficient tap services. Whenever you face problems with your bidet spray in the future, our experts will always be there to help.

Let us now discover some of the best toilet sprayer models that you can opt for and install.

Arino Bidet Tap AR-702C-S

Arino Bidet Tap AR-702C-S is a silver chrome-colored bidet sprayer with a chrome finish. It is made of stainless steel and shall be wall-mounted. The bidet sprayer comes with a safety auto shut-off valve and looks quite attractive.

Arino Bidet Tap AR-902S-S

The Arino Bidet Tap AR-902S-S has a beautiful satin finish that looks very attractive. It is a wall-mounted model that can be installed easily by experts and will last you for a very long time.

Fidelis Bidet Tap FT-5005

Fidelis FT-5005 is a beautiful and sleek bidet spray with silver chrome color and finished body. It can easily complement the interiors of any bathroom and is very easy to install and use.

Fidelis Bidet Tap FT-5033

Made of stainless steel with a chrome finished body, Fidelis FT-5033 makes an amazing choice for every bathroom in Singapore. It is easy to use and install. It will also last you for a long time.



You can use a hand-held toilet sprayer for many purposes such as use it to clean your pets, large items in your bathroom, and shower walls. Aside from its benefits, its convenience makes it more appealing to everyone. If you need assistance in opting for and installing your chosen bidet spray, do engage a plumbing professional as they can serve as a tap buying guide and help in installation.


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