Causes and Dangers of a Leaking Shower Tap

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You have most likely did not pay attention to your shower tap while purchasing it, and chances are you did not give any importance to it until now. However, the lack of attention can pave the way to bigger problems. If you do not check your shower tap once in a while, then the small problem that may have occurred will go unnoticed. One of the common issues with shower taps/faucets is a leaking shower tap. You may feel that a leaking shower tap may not cause a big problem and even if you have noticed it, you may be avoiding it. This is not something you should do as there are quite a few dangers of a leaking tap.

Here are the causes and dangers of leaking shower tap.



Worn-Out Washers

This is one of the most common causes of leaky faucets. The washer cushions the force between the water pipes and prevents leakages. You will see there is a washer present in your shower tap between the hose and the filter.  Whenever you use the water tap, the washer will rub against the valve seat. The friction that it causes will wear out the edges and it will immediately stop functioning. Eventually, the washer will not seal the pipe properly, resulting in leakage.

Worn-Out O-Ring

The O-ring connects the different parts of your shower tap and seals the joints present between them. This ring can withstand high temperatures and prevent leakages. Although, if there is excessive pressure on this O-ring, then it can harm the structure and make your shower tap leak.

Poor Seal

Many shower taps come with inlet seals that allow water to flow freely when the tap is turned on, and to stop the faucet is turned off. If there is excess water pressure or sediment, the seals can experience damage and can be a reason why your tap is leaking.

Corroded Valve Seat


The valve seat is present at the bottom of the tap’s mechanism. Its role is turning your faucet on and off. Due to repeated usage, this valve seat can corrode. When it corrodes, then water can be found dripping close to the handle area.



High Water Bills


It is important to fix your leaking tap/faucet because if you do not, it can greatly increase your water bills. Though it may seem that the leaking shower tap is dripping just a few drops of water, the fact is that it leaks enough to make you experience an unexpected hike in your monthly water bills.

Mold and Rot


What you need to know about taps is that even if the dripping noise caused by your leaking shower tap does not bother you, the way it can damage your property surely will. If you do not give attention to the constant dripping, then the water can develop mold on your ceilings, walls, and floor. Furthermore, any wooden elements that get affected by the leaks can rot.

Overflows and Drain Clogs

If shower tap leaks keep on occurring for a long time, then they can cause too much stress on your plumbing system. The stress that it causes can result in an overflow and drain clogs. You will have to engage plumbing professionals to fix the problem of drain clogs, overflows, and other harms that shower tap leaks cause. You should hire a plumbing professional to fix your leaking tap as they are well-trained and have years of experience dealing with tap leaks. They shall visit your place, check the leaks, find the reasons behind them, and fix it in no time. If it is not possible to fix your shower tap, then they shall suggest a shower tap replacement. They can also suggest the best replacement model for your needs and install your new shower tap perfectly at any time.

Water Stains


Minerals accumulating because of the constant dripping are not easy to remove. It can end up in a situation to get the stains professionally removed. This process takes time and is also expensive. Instead, it will be much wiser to get your leaking shower tap fixed on time and save both water and your hard-earned money. It is recommended that you engage a professional plumber to fix your leaking tap as they can advise if the tap replacement is necessary.



You might not notice it right away, but you may be experiencing common faucet problems such as a leaking shower tap. A poor seal and a corroded valve seat are just some of the causes of a shower tap leak. If unnoticed, it may pose dangers such as having overflow and drain clogs. It is important to know how to spot a leaking tap and faucet, as well as to address it immediately. If not, it may result in a bigger problem, and in that case, it is best to engage plumbing professionals. Plumbing professionals are experienced workers that can quickly solve a leaking shower tap and provide other tap and faucet services.


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