Common Issues with Shower Taps/Faucets

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Most of us do not give much attention while selecting a shower tap. Even after the shower tap installation, we never bother to check if things are working alright. However, you need to understand that if shower tap problems are ignored, they can result in something bigger and will leave you no choice but to invest in costly repairs. Learn and give due attention to the common shower tap issues right away to avoid this mistake.

Regular Wear and Tear


If you find rust forming on the exteriors of your shower faucet, then most likely, it has formed on the inside of the tap as well. Rust can harm the quality of the water, and it will not be a good idea to take shower using rusty water. Similar to limescale and general wear and tear, rust is a common faucet problem that develops over time. You cannot prevent rust from occurring unless you have a waterproof tap. If you already notice signs of wear and tear together with developing rust, then all you can do is replace your tap with a new and better water tap.

Low Water Pressure


If a weak stream of water comes out of your shower tap, then a buildup can be one of the reasons behind it. Dirt and minerals that accumulate on the aerator or spray diverter of your shower tap can restrict the flow of water, this can make the pressure go lower and lower. It will eventually get completely blocked. Removing the aerator and spray diverter as well as cleaning them is not easy. It also needs the right tools. Instead of wasting your time and money on expensive tools, it will be wise to hire a professional plumber with experience in tap services.

Professional plumbers will visit your place and identify the cause behind low water pressure and will fix it immediately. They are also highly experienced that they can not only fix low water pressure issues but leaking taps and other problems as well. Furthermore, if you want to get a shower tap replacement, they can do that for you as well.

No Water Coming Out Of Faucet


If you turn on your shower faucet and no water comes out of the tap, this could be because of a blockage owing to build-up inside the tap. Mineral deposits are a common problem that you will experience if you use hard water or have old shower fixtures. Even new shower taps can collect dirt and debris from flowing water. You can troubleshoot your tap by finding out if your shut-off water tap valve is open. If water still does not come out, then you will have to take your tap apart and clean its chambers.

Dripping Faucet


A leaking or dripping shower tap is yet another usual problem. It is important to fix your leaking tap because not only does it waste water but also increases your water bills. Mostly, one of the reasons why your tap is leaking is a result of a damaged washer present inside. Taps generally have silicone washers and this material eventually degrades. You can try getting the washer changed, which perhaps may help solve the leaking water issue.

Installation Problems


Improper installations have become a common issue since more and more people prefer doing it themselves. DIY tap installation or replacement is not recommended as tap installation requires experience and the right set of tools. You should only take up a plumbing project if you have enough experience, have the necessary tools, and completely know what needs to be done. You also need to be ready to invest your time. Alternatively, you can hire professional tap services such as Tap Faucet City Singapore and get your new shower faucet installed instantly. Their plumbing experts are rigorously trained and thorough professionals, so installing your new shower tap will take no time. Once the installation procedure is complete, you will have nothing to worry about at all.

Excessive Faucet Noise

Your shower faucet may create screaming, whistling, or even chatter-like sounds. This signifies an issue that needs professional intervention. A loose washer can be one of the reasons behind it. Although, if tightening your washer or even replacing it with a new right-sized one does not stop the noise, do engage professional shower tap services so that if there are any other problems can be addressed as well.


Most of us do not notice that our shower tap is already experiencing problems. It is important to be aware of the common shower tap issues such as excessive noise, low water pressure, a dripping faucet, etc., to avoid any costly repairs. In case we cannot prevent this from happening, it is best to engage a professional plumber as they are experts who know how to repair a faucet, including shower taps. They are experienced and understand shower tap components so they can easily solve any other underlying shower tap issues.

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