Common Mistakes to Avoid when Replacing a Tap

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Tap replacement in Singapore doesn’t have to be a dirty and laborious task. However, you still need to take time and install a new tap correctly. As with most home remodeling projects, some common mistakes should be avoided to replace a tap successfully. If you want the job done well the first time, avoid the following grave mistakes.

Reusing Old Parts

When doing a 1-for-1 tap replacement, some homeowners might think of reusing the previous tap’s spare parts to finish the tap installation, or even reuse the same old faucet, but with new spare parts. While you can reuse your older parts, newer ones are always highly recommended. Reusing parts such as the tap washers, water tap valves made of metal is likely to cause more headaches and problems in the future as there could be misfits or the spare part will break down again in the near future. After all, everyone would want a plumbing problem to get fixed once and for all.



Not Turning Off Water

While forgetting to turn off the main water supply when changing a tap can seem like a no-brainer, it always is a good reminder because some people would still forget! Nobody wants to be facing unnecessary clean up and fighting off a ferocious spray of water from the plumbing. Be sure to turn off the main water supply so that you don’t flood your house or end up injuring yourself.

Guessing About Parts

Guessing what sizes and parts you need can end up wasting a lot of your time. You can take accurate measurements and send it to us at Tap Faucet City Singapore to help recommend the best suitable tap products, or we can do it for you during our inspection. Alternatively, you can opt to take an old tap to the hardware store with you can help you know what you need.


Not Sealing Threads

You might end up with leaks that could corrode and ruin your pipes if you don’t use plumber’s putty or silicone caulking to seal the threads. Leaking taps can also damage anything else stored under the tap, not to mention unnecessary water wastage.

Soldering as the Water Drips

One mistake that homeowners often make is trying to solder their plumbing pipes to the taps when the parts are not 100% dry. Dry off everything from the pipes, to the sink, to the pipes, and you are less likely to blunder as they make it easier to solder together.


Giving Yourself Inadequate Time

Replacing a tap may seem a moderately easy job. However, it would help if you had prior plumbing or tap installation experience, or feel like you could take the time to learn. You could end up making costly mistakes if replacing a faulty tap is not 100% perfect.

Not Using the Right Tools

Make sure you have all the necessary plumbing supplies before you start replacing an old tap. In our article on How To Install A Tap, we list down the plumbing supplies you will need. One of the mistakes most homeowners often make is trying to work with any tool that they already have. Using inappropriate tools can end up damaging your hardware and breaking pipes. Thus, it is far smarter to have a ready set of tools that would greatly help in a tap installation process.


Over Tightened Connections

Overtightening fittings, pipes, nuts and bolts, and supply tubes when changing a tap can cause cracks on joints. Tightening it to prevent leaks is a must, but also to provide room for contractions or expansions. So, avoid excessive force when tightening a faucet so that your fittings don’t break shortly after replacement. After all, no one wants costly floods to destroy their pipes or toilet.

By avoiding these common plumbing mistakes, homeowners can rest assured that their tap replacement Singapore project will be successful. If a project seems too big to tackle or you are in doubt, consult our professional tap installers such as Tap & Faucet City Singapore to get the job done right.

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