Common Types of Faucets

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Do you know there are various ways to save on your water bill and one of them is choosing the right tap for your home? This can be enhanced by installing optimally functioning faucets from a reputable water tap company. But because there is a plethora of faucet options out there, how will you pick the right one?

To make it easy for you, Tap Faucet City Singapore compiled this list of common types of faucets to inform you on your buying decision. This is useful on finding a tap for your bathroom or kitchen if you are looking to newly install or replace one.


Ball faucet

This kind of washerless faucet is the most popular. It has a handle directly connected to a rounded cap above the spout and is mostly used in kitchens. A smaller version with a shorter spout can be found in some commercial toilets too. The faucet’s handle moves a ball inside it to facilitate the volume and temperature control of the water flow.

Due to its various parts, this type of faucet is more prone to leaking compared to other washerless faucets like the disc faucet and the cartridge faucet. However, some people may still choose to install this faucet because it opens and closes very smoothly with little resistance. This is useful when the tap is heavily used.



Disc faucet

Ceramic disc (or disk) faucets are among the latest improvements in the modern technology of faucet. Their most prominent feature is a wide cylindrical body with a single lever. This lever can be lifted up and down or side to side which will give you control over the temperature and volume of the water flow. This faucet mixer mixes cold and hot water in a pressure balance cartridge (mixing chamber). Disc faucets are very reliable, high quality and don’t require often repair.



Cartridge faucet

One of the fancier looking taps that you mostly see in hotels to give the bathroom a luxurious feel. It comes with either one handle or double handles. Double-handled cartridge faucets has one handle for hot water, and one for cold. Unlike the compression faucet which may require a few turns to squeeze shut the water valve, the cartridge faucets only need a quick turn. They also rarely suffer from leakages because of their tight movement controls.


Compression faucet

Compression faucets are what you might like to call old-school faucets. They are seen in older buildings in bathrooms or toilets. There will be two compression handles that control hot water and cold water respectively. Compression faucets are not only easy to come by in the market, as it’s considered outdated. They are known to be prone to leaks since it takes a bit of strength to make sure the tap is closed tight.



Touchless faucet

This is commonly seen in some commercial toilets and in hospitals. You simply wave your hand under the faucet, and the motion sensor detects your hands to turn on the water. It comes with an installed motion sensor to make sure that water is turned on efficiently and directly. If you want a faucet that serves a purpose to hygiene and ease of water temperature adjustment, then touchless faucet is the perfect option for both kitchen and bathroom.



Deckplate faucet

This kind of faucet has most components like the handles, spout, and dispenser built on a plate. It is not necessary to have a deckplate, unless you have a few holes on the sink that you could cover up with it.  They are usually installed on kitchen sinks as it can provide a seamless finishing to it, but can fit perfectly well on bathroom sink as well.



Wall Mounted faucets

The name is self-explanatory and are usually installed on the wall which gives it a modern look to any sink. The tap is connected to a pipe line in the wall and needs professional tap installation. Wall-mounted taps are getting as popular as wall-mounted toilets for its space-saving benefits and its improvement in aesthetic.

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