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Faucet Buying Guide

The purchase of a tap and faucet are usually the last to be installed when arranging a bathroom or kitchen. This device should be made of durable components, fit the general interior design and be easy to use. In this article, Tap Faucet City Singapore make the recommendations that will help you in choosing the right water tap or tap brands.

Before buying any taps, here are some features you want to look out for in your water taps.


The dimensions of the tap should correspond to the size of the bathtub or sink; it should not be too short, too tall or too near or far that the tap is not able to fulfil its function at your convenience.




The element through which the water flows must be longer so that it adequately reaches a distance away from the sink. This way you will be able to wash your hands or fill a bucket adequately if needed. The distance should at least reach two-thirds towards the centre of the sink.



For certain taps, you want the throughput of the water to be larger, so that it fills up faster and saves you time. A tap with a larger throughput could be for washing machines, kitchen taps and bathtubs, while a smaller throughput could be for sink taps, basin taps and shower taps.  



The valve manages how leak-prone your tap will be as the more durable it is, the less likely you will encounter a leaking tap in the near future. The best type of water valve are proven to be the ceramic kinds but they can be a little bit more expensive that other kinds. However, that is not to say that other kinds of water valves are poor quality. They can last drip-free for many years, but a ceramic one is more durable and reliable.



Depending on the function you want the taps to have, you can choose among the most common types of faucets. You might be looking for a mixer tap that has a single lever that can control the temperature and volume of water concurrently, or prefer to have a thermostatic tap, that the user can adjust each handle independently for hot or cold water and the water volume. Perhaps you want to look into a touch less or contact less tap, so you can rely on motion sensors to dispense water instead of touching handles.



In discussing the issue of how to choose a good water tap one should not forget about the material from which it is made of as it will lend to the aesthetic of the home and the durability of the tap. The most popular include:

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel is almost always the safest and best option. It is strong, durable, affordable and fits into any home aesthetic.
  • Brass. Copper-based alloy is more expensive than steel, but it is more wear-resistant and stylish – especially with a coating of chromium or nickel. Such taps may require some regular maintenance to keep it looking burnished and new.
  • Silumin. Beware of choosing a tap made of an aluminium-based alloy with silicon. Only if you are looking for the lowest-priced tap, be sure to know that it is considered inferior to many other tap brands.

Of course, plumbing manufacturers are not limited to these materials only. But other options are more exotic. For example, bronze is spectacular and prestigious, but its price is high, moreover, the material without a special coating darkens over time. Ceramic taps are also attractive, but they can be damaged from an accidental blow.

Of course, there is a sea of ​​other nuances: from the design of the spout nozzle to its decorative design. But it’s better to check with us at Tap Faucet City Singapore – we can help you make the right choice!

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