How Much Does a Two Way Tap/Valve Cost?

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Cold water will usually flow through the plumbing system when a tap is opened. However, when warm water is needed, the two-way tap has to be activated, so that hot water is diverted into the system, mixing with the cold water to generate warm water. If the two-way tap in the shower or hot water supply is malfunctioning, it is very inconvenient for the user since he will not get warm water. Homeowners who are planning to install a tap or replace the two-way tap in their home would like to know the factors affecting the price of the two-way tap, the details are discussed in detail below.


Prices for Two-Way Taps/valves May Vary

There are a large number of manufacturers for these common types of faucets, and they will differ in design, features, material, durability, and quality. High-end taps are also more expensive since they have a better design and are more durable. The best taps will often cost three times more than the cost of basic entry-level taps.


Cost to Install/Replace A Two-Way Tap

You may be wondering how much does it cost to install or replace water taps? The type of two-way tap is the main factor affecting the cost of installation/replacement of a tap. Basic two-way taps are cheaper compared to pressure balancing taps which regulate the pressure and thermostatic taps which check and regulate the water temperature.


Cost Factors for Plumbers To Install/Replace A New Two-Way Tap


One of the main aspects which determines how much a plumbing professional will charge for installing the tap is the time spent doing the tap replacement or installation. Repairing the tap by replacing the defective part will usually take less time. If there are any common faucet problems such as leaking pipes, these will also have to be fixed, so a longer time will be taken to complete the repairs.


Repair vs Replace

It is usually cheaper to repair the tap compared to replacing it. In some cases, inexpensive parts like the O-ring and gasket have to be replaced. Even replacing the cartridge is inexpensive compared to installing a completely new tap. However, if there is a major problem with the tap such as a crack, it is cheaper to do a tap replacement.


Accessibility and Complex


The plumbing professional charges will also depend on how accessible the two-way tap product is. If the tap is located inside a panel, it will take less time. In contrast, if some tiles or drywall have to be removed, the installation will take more time since the tiles or drywall also have to be replaced.


Material and Replacement Parts Cost


What you need to know about taps made from plastic is that they are usually cheaper and less durable, while brass and other metallic taps are more expensive because of higher material costs. Similarly, replacing rubber gaskets is usually cheaper than replacing metallic components.


Home Warranty



Some manufacturers offer a home warranty on the taps which they sell, their staff will come to the home of the buyer to fix any tap problem like a leaking tap during the warranty period. Taps with a home warranty are usually more expensive compared to taps without any kind of warranty since they are of better quality.



There are different types of taps/faucets a homeowner can choose from, but they are more interested in installing a two-way tap and would like to know the factors that affect its price. The material, replacement parts, home warranty, and installation are just some of the things they must consider for the cost of the two-way tap. It is best to engage tap faucet services from Tap Faucet City Singapore plumbing professionals as they know how to do the job efficiently and guarantee quality work.


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