How Much Does It Cost To Install or Replace Water Taps In Singapore?

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Since taps are used several times a day in most households in Singapore, they are most likely to get damaged due to wear and tear compared to other plumbing fixtures. Besides the inconvenience, water leakage from a damaged tap increases the water bill. Hence, many people with a malfunctioning tap are interested in hiring a competent plumber to install their tap or to replace their leaking tap. These homeowners would like to find out about the cost of installing a tap so they can plan their budget accordingly and engage a plumber. Here are the factors which affect the cost of installing or replacing a tap.


Plumbing Prices In Singapore


The prices for different plumbing services will vary depending on the complexity and time taken. There are various taps in a house such as a sink, bathroom tap, and kitchen sink tap. The cost of replacing a tap will depend on whether it is a simple replacement of an existing tap with a similar tap or there is some other plumbing problem such as a damaged pipe connected to the tap. In some cases, additional connections or piping may be required especially if the new tap design varies significantly compared to the tap used earlier. The price for the tap installation may be higher in these situations.


Cost to Install A Tap


The thing you need to know about taps is that their cost depends on multiple factors like the design, finish, material used, warranty offered, and brands – such as Grohe, Kohler, and  Fidelis. Metal faucets typically use stainless steel or brass that is more durable and expensive compared to plastic faucets. The actual cost of the tap installation includes the following:

  • The cost of the tap selected and the other materials needed for the installation
  • The cost involved using equipment for the tap installation, especially if drilling is required
  • The cost of removing the existing tap
  • The cost of installing a new tap
  • Basic charges of a plumber, including transport expenses for visiting the customer’s premises
  • Charges for removing the debris and other waste material generated during the tap installation


Factors That Affect Tap Installation/Replacement Cost


One of the main factors affecting the cost of installing/replacing a tap is the complexity of the work. It will be costlier to install a tap with a complex design in a location that cannot be easily accessed compared to a simple tap. If installing the tap will take more time, the plumber will charge more for his tap and faucet services. Similarly, if more taps have to be installed, the cost of installing each tap may be lower, though the overall cost of installation will be more. Usually, if the plumber is more experienced, he is likely to charge more, since he will have a higher quality of work. Plumbers normally charge more if they work at night, on holidays, and on weekends. Therefore, if emergency plumbing services are required, homeowners will have to pay more. In a few cases, there may be associated common faucet problems like the piping may be damaged and also has to be replaced. This increases the cost of materials and the time taken to replace the tap.



A tap is one of the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in most Singaporean homes. Therefore, it is most likely to acquire damages over time and show signs that your tap needs to be replaced. In such a case, you will need to prepare your budget and know the cost of installing or replacing a water tap. Some factors that affect the price of the service are the complexity of the work, the plumbing prices, and the tools and equipment to be used. It is best to engage a professional plumber to install/replace your water tap as they are qualified to efficiently do the job.


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