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How to Choose A Faucet For Your Bathroom or Kitchen

It is difficult to imagine a kitchen or bathroom without a faucet. This is one of the most important elements in every home. Its main tasks are mixing hot water with cold, to obtain the required temperature, and adjusting the pressure.

Among other things, the faucet for the kitchen or bathroom also plays a very important aesthetic role in the interior. A correctly selected product can become a highlight of the whole room and add personality to it.

At first glance, this plumbing is the same: the same water supply mechanisms, external decor, control. So, does it make sense to select a faucet specifically for the kitchen space or can you satisfy your needs with a universal model? But since the bathroom and the kitchen are completely different rooms, the mixer taps here are different. For the first case, an installation in which there is a long spout and a watering can for the shower is more suitable. As for the kitchen faucet, a model with a pull-out spout is suitable for an updated, modern look.

Among other things, it is important to understand exactly where the product will be mounted. Each of them has its own purpose: shower, bidet, bath, sink, kitchen sink. The height of the spout in the kitchen mixer is selected in accordance with the depth of the sink, so that during operation there is no spraying.

The fundamental difference in the kitchen is the water faucets have a longer spout in order to be directed closer to the center of the sink for ease of use.

Also, kitchen tap and faucets must be able to swing left to right, so that it is possible to take the spout to the side, put a large container for filling, lower it into the dishes, remove it back. Thus, a longer spout is the main difference between a kitchen and a bathroom spout.

If there are basin cabinets over the sink that hang low enough, it is not possible to use high arching faucets. It is better to install faucets with a straight, horizontal spout.

As for fashion, the hi-tech minimalism direction is prevailing, with cylindrical lines, it is also fashionable to use smooth shapes. The most common coatings are steel and chrome.

The chrome coating is high-quality and reliable, it has been used for a very long time, chrome has established itself as an excellent non-corrosive material for coating mixers.

A more modern coating is based on the ionised bonding of metal vapor, increasing its corrosion-resistance. But for general home use, the chrome coating is reliable enough and lasts for many years, there is no need to such reinforced coating.

In the design you need to proceed from personal preferences, which color scheme is more suitable for the design of each specific kitchen: chrome or steel. After choosing your preferred brand, type of faucet and design of faucets, continue for finding a reliable faucet installation contractor to help you with the tap installation.

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