How to Know If You Have a Faulty Shower Tap?

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Nothing can be as relaxing as a nice hot shower after a hard day at work. Your shower tap has to function properly so you can enjoy a nice shower. If it stops working, then things can become difficult. You will have to wait until a plumber comes and fixes the problem. If the problem has become too big, then you will have to get a shower tap replacement. It will be wiser to get problems fixed on time. To fix the problem early, you first need to be aware of how to identify if you have a faulty shower tap. Let us learn about some signs that signify a fault with your shower tap.


Trouble Turning the Handle


Are you finding it difficult to turn on the shower? If there is resistance when you are trying to turn your shower taps, then this can be because of a misaligned water tap valve. It can be a result of corrosion or damage as well. Also, this can even be an initial sign of a bigger problem.


Unexpected Temperature Changes


Most of us use a certain shower temperature every day, so it is easily identifiable if there is a slight change. If you observe a sudden temperature change, this can be because of the lime build-up inside your shower valve. This can also be due to the usual wear and tear – a common shower tap/faucet issue that happens over time. Either way, if the temperature change is consistent then it cannot be disregarded. You can hire plumbing professionals with tap services to get the problem fixed right away. They are experts with years of expertise and knowledge. They can help diagnose the cause and once it is identified, they shall fix the problem immediately. Your shower tap will start functioning normally again, leaving you worry-free.


Loss of Water Pressure


You are ready for a shower and suddenly you notice that the water is trickling down. This will surely be very frustrating. An overall loss of pressure or immediate changes in pressure can be a cause of wear and tear on your shower valve. What you need to know about taps is that wear and tear on your valve’s internal components or even a clog can result in loss of water pressure.


Shower Diverter Not Working Properly

Sediment may even build up and your shower tap valve could malfunction. If your valve is not able to turn completely to block your tub tap, there will not be enough pressure to move the water up your pipe. This can result in water coming out of the shower tap and the shower itself. A part of understanding shower tap components is knowing that various parts of the valve assembly may have worn out, thus resulting in malfunction and other common faucet problems.


Shower Head & Tap Leaks


Is your shower tap leaking? This can be because your shower valve does not have a proper seal that can fully shut off the shower. A leaking shower tap has causes and dangers, which can eventually obtain great damage to your bathroom. Therefore, you should not ignore this problem and get it fixed by a professional immediately.



It is nice to have a relaxing hot shower after a long day at work. Of course, we want our shower tap to function properly as it can be very inconvenient especially if we do not know how to repair a faucet. It would be wiser to know the early signs of a faulty shower tap such as an unexpected change of temperature, loss of water pressure, or a leaking tap. If this cannot be avoided and result in a bigger issue, then it is best to engage a professional to quickly and efficiently fix or replace your shower tap.


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