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How to Maintain Your Faucet to keep it Looking Shiny

Polishing and maintaining a shiny faucet is not always a walk in the park. Chrome fixtures and modern sophistication of water taps and faucets attract soap scum, water spots and grime faster. Without a fully functional and properly installed water softener, there is no doubt that you may easily lose hope in your efforts to keep these gems spotless. Here is a list of practices you need to inculcate for ever-shining faucets.


  1. It all starts with regular cleaning

Grime and other types of dirt that form on the surfaces of water taps do not build up overnight. They are because of dirt generated regularly over a specific period. If you leave the taps uncleaned for several days, you will start to realize that even the ordinary soap and water cannot be used to clean them off. So, before your faucet and taps turn into a den of water spots and grime, wash it at least once a week or more, during daily cleaning chores.


  1. Properly clean the faucets

Many people tend to pass water over the faucets without any notable rubbing or scrubbing. As a result, the water spots and some of the gunk remain intact on the surface of the tap.

Proper cleaning demands for employing efficient methods and cleaning solutions that will automatically make your faucets spotless. It starts with knowing the type of finishing featured on your faucet. You can ask your manufacturer about the kind of faucet your tap is made up of and a recommendation of tools to use.

For normal faucet cleaning, you can scrub the all surfaces of the faucet using a sponge or abrasive. Some finishing doesn’t accept brushes. Keep that in mind. However, there is a significant need to try dish soap and warm water while cleaning your faucet once in a week. Unused cleaning cloth with warm water can remove mild grime over the surfaces of faucet that are not so much dirty.


  1. Work on the stains

Stains give water taps and sink faucets a bizarre appeal. Whenever your faucet attracts a stain, its original aesthetic appearance is buried. To remove stains from the faucets, apply some small amounts of baking soda and rub its surface with a toothbrush while adding some drops of water. Do not leave the stains to dry up since this will give you a hard time scrubbing them off.


  1. Apply a white vinegar for grime

If at all the surface of your faucet feature a heavy build-up of grime, then white vinegar is the way to go. A white vinegar budges grime like a pro. To remove the grime, add half a cup of white vinegar and an equal amount of hot water. Then, dip a cleaning cloth in the solution formed by the two chemicals and use it to rub all the surfaces of your faucet tap. Otherwise, a strong solution of white vinegar and hot water can easily damage the finish of your water tap. You can dip the cloth and try it over a specific surface. Wait for the surface to dry up and assess the outcome before proceeding to apply the methods on other places.



A sparkling clean faucet tap guarantees to lift anyone’s mood. Keeping the faucets clean is one way to keep a healthy lifestyle, as well as, ensuring a longer life for your faucets.


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