How to Spot A Leaking Tap And Faucet

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A tap and faucet are an essential part of every home as family members get access to clean drinking water whenever they want. Ideally, water should flow out from the tap only if it is opened. There should be no water leaking once it is closed. However, many families experience leaking taps in their home which results in water wastage and some other problems.

A homeowner may ignore a leaking faucet due to their hectic schedules. Ignoring these leaking taps can cause an annoying noise that makes it difficult to sleep at night or concentrate on work. It can also lead to an increase in water bills. It is best to contact a plumber to fix the leak issue. As fixing a dripping tap at the initial stage is cheaper, below are some tips that will help detect a leaking tap or faucet.


Check the Tap Spout


In most cases, whether it is a kitchen sink tap or any other kind of tap, the leak comes from the spout even when it is closed. The water leakage from the tap’s spout is less. Still, water leakage should not be ignored. The amount of leaking water will increase over a period of time if left unfixed. It will cause an increase in the month’s water bill.

To see if your tap is leaking, place a paper napkin below the spout. If the napkin becomes wet, it indicates a water leakage. In many cases, the tap’s gasket is damaged and has to be replaced. In other cases, any problem with the cartridge of the tap will also cause water leakage. Though replacing the cartridge is costlier than a gasket replacement, it is still cheaper than a tap replacement. Any damage to other components in the spout like filters, spigots, valves can also cause water leakage.


Check Around the Base of The Faucet


Compared to the spout water leakage, leakage from around the base of the faucet is less frequent and not easily noticed. Faucets are usually attached to the sink using nuts, bolts, or screws. Most people will splash water on the faucet when using it, so this leakage is often left unnoticed. However, if puddles are formed frequently around the faucet base, it is a sign to investigate.

To detect water leakage from the base of the faucet, dry out the area and place a dry paper around it. If you noticed the paper wet, it is a sign of a water leak. Usually, the O-ring that connects the faucet to the sink gets damaged and develops cracks, which is also a reason why your tap is leaking. In a few cases, problems with the cartridge can also cause water leakage around the faucet base.


Check Under the Sink


Most homeowners are unlikely to notice the water leakage below their sink since they usually do not inspect that area. The leakage is due to a problem with the connections at the supply lines, the water tap valves, and the connection between the water supply and the faucet. Inspecting the connections and valves will help identify the cause of the leak. This water leak can cause more damage if left unfixed, which is why knowing how to maintain your faucet is essential and regular inspection around the area of the tap or faucet is advisable.



Spotting a leaky tap can be a bit tricky. Knowing some of the tips can help homeowners a lot, so they can easily detect and resolve the problem. If you hear tiny droplets of water or somehow your water bill just magically increases, your first culprit can be leaking water in the tap spout. If there is no leak there, it is good to also check around the base of the faucet or under the sink to be sure. Now, once a leak is detected, you may know how to repair a faucet but it is still better to call a plumber to fix it for you.


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