Introduction to Mixer Taps

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Mixer taps are used to supply water to multiple faucets. For instance, it can provide hot water to a kitchen faucet, and cold water to a bathroom faucet simultaneously. The two functions of a single water supply line are separated by using a mixer tap. Most homes in Singapore have a single hot water spigot and a single cold water spigot, thus it is best to install taps such as mixer taps. Note that mixer taps come with only one level for adjusting water flow and temperature. These mixers have only been in the market for a few years and came into style in the early 2000s.

Mixer taps can be installed in various ways, with the most common being where the hot and cold supplies are separate valves. They can also be installed in a single pipe. This makes these taps ideal for those with large houses and those who do not have enough cold water to supply all the hot water needs.

The main advantage of these mixer taps is that they are compact, work smoothly, and look great, thus improving your bathroom beauty. The main downside is that they can get complicated to repair, especially the cartridge which must be replaced if the mixer becomes faulty and starts to leaking. In order to prevent repairs from happening, here are some tips to maintain your mixer taps. In case your mixer tap is faulty, it is best to engage a professional plumber with tap services to replace or repair it.


What is a Mixer Tap?


A mixer tap is a device connected to a faucet. This device allows for the convenient mixing of water in different locations such as the bathroom with the mixer tap, and basin mixer tap. In most cases, these taps come in a similar design to the traditional faucet, except that they feature two handles. This makes it easy to use for hot and cold water instead of having two separate taps, each with a spout.


How Does a Mixer Tap Work?

A mixer tap is a small faucet used to direct water from a hose or spigot to a specific location, such as a sink, toilet, or bathtub – one of the benefits of using a mixer tap for your bathroom or kitchen. The water flows from the tap into the sink, toilet, tub, or where the tap is being used. From a technical perspective, the inside of these taps consists of tiny holes known as butterflies or valves. Once you turn on the tap, these holes adjust their opening depending on the temperature and flow rate you desire. As compared to standard taps, mixer taps are very responsive to the flow rate and temperature you want, thus making them ideal for family households. This is because running only hot water does not affect the cold tap, it remains untouched, which means that the valve remains completely closed.


Bath Shower Mixer


Shower mixer taps are taps that can be usually found in the bathtub area. These taps are used to turn on and off the water in the shower area. They are also used for adjusting the water temperature and pressure. The most common mixer tap is the handheld shower mixer tap, a short and fixed pipe that attaches to your shower or bath and allows you to adjust the water temperature and flow. The other common type of mixer tap is the fixed mixer tap, which is a section of pipe that is permanently installed in your bathroom or kitchen. A mixer tap also looks pleasing and makes a perfect fit in every bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you may choose to install it. The style and price are also some things that you should be looking out for when buying a mixer tap.

How Does a Bath Shower Mixer Tap Work?

Tap products such as mixer taps are the valves that control water flow from the mixer valve to the showerhead. They are usually three-way valves, with a diverter to reject water that is not being used. The purpose of a mixer tap is to allow the user to adjust the amount of water used in the shower to a comfortable setting. A shower mixer taps work similarly to other standard mixer taps. Although you still get a standalone shower mixer tap such as the kitchen or basin, this shower mixer tap comes connected to the main shower headset. Operating between the shower or the tap, a switch or a diverter valve is placed to change between their mechanisms. To ensure easy access and storage, you can decide to wall-mount or deck-mount the shower handset.


What are the Different Types of Mixer Tap You Can Get?

Mono Mixer Tap 

wall-mounted -mixer-taps-introduction-to-mixer-taps-services-faucet-city-singapore

This type of tap comes with a single or double control and a spout, all infused in a single unit. It uses a single tap hole. Although basin taps and bathroom taps are available in multiple designs, a good example of the mono tap is the bidet mixer tap according to its design.

Wall-Mounted Mixer Taps

wall-mounted -mixer-taps-introduction-to-mixer-taps-services-faucet-city-singapore

A wall-mounted mixer taps function similarly to the deck-mounted mixer taps, except that the spout, diverts, and controls are infused and hidden into the wall. As a guide to buying a tap for your bathroom, if you are looking for a cleaner appearance and free your precious space, these are ideal.

Cloakroom and Tall Basin Mixer Taps

wall-mounted -mixer-taps-introduction-to-mixer-taps-services-faucet-city-singapore

If you have realized there is a variation in size, then probably you have a cloakroom mixer tap. These taps are relatively smaller to fit the cloakroom washstand for basins, thus making them ideal for compact spaces.

Kitchen Mixer Taps

wall-mounted -mixer-taps-introduction-to-mixer-taps-services-faucet-city-singapore

Kitchen Mixer Taps are the valves that control water flow to pipes connected to the sink or washing machine. Most of them feature the mono tap design yet have joined control and a single spout, all infused in a single unit on both sides. The main difference between basin, bath, and kitchen taps is the neck design. While kitchen taps (e.g., Fidelis FT-8705) include a long spout that loops over the tap itself, this feature is not found in basin taps. Moreover, you can come across fat swivel spouts or pull-out spouts, among other components in a kitchen mixer tap.


How many styles of Mixer Taps are available?

There are two main styles of mixer taps products, namely the modern and traditional styles. Both of these styles include a wide range of mixer tap features such as various colors ranging from metallics like stainless steel, brass, nickel, bronze, and gold to standard chrome. Besides, colored mixer taps are also available in white or black, which are getting more popular in Singapore.

Generally, traditional mixer taps come with more curvy edging and eccentric features such that they mimic 20th-century mixer taps. Moreover, they feature an art-deco style that features lever indices or crossheads besides a ceramic finish.

In contrast, contemporary mixer taps have simpler designs such as cleaner curves or squared edges, while others include modern features such as a no-touch technology. There are factors to consider when choosing a tap for your bathroom and kitchen. Aside from its convenience, it would help if you also look for the best style.



Mixer taps are used to supply water to multiple faucets. It can provide hot water to a kitchen faucet and cold water to a bathroom faucet at the same time. The main advantage of these water mixer taps is that they are compact, work smoothly and look great, thus improving your bathroom beauty. If you want your mixer taps installed perfectly, engage professional plumbers with tap services as they have the skills and experience to do the job efficiently.


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