Mixer Taps vs Standard Taps

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The temperature of the water coming from a tap depends on the source of the water. A large number of applications such as bathing and cleaning will require warm or hot water. In the past, whenever hot water was needed, the standard tap was connected to a hot water source. If the user wanted to adjust the water temperature, he would have to manually mix hot water with cold water from other sources. In order to overcome this problem, the mixer tap was developed. It allowed users to easily adjust the water temperature. The water mixer tap usually has valves to adjust the flow of hot and cold water in order to achieve the desired water temperature. What you need to know about taps are their features. We will now compare the features of a mixer tap to a standard tap to help you decide which tap to buy.


Standard Tap


There are many common types of faucets available, however, the standard tap design has been used worldwide for centuries. The flow rate of water is adjusted depending on the extent the tap can be opened. If the user requires hot water, he will have to have a separate standard tap installed. In order to have warm water, hot water needs to be manually mixed with cold water in a bucket or mug. In some cases, the standard tap may have separate knobs to control the flow of hot water or cold water.

The main advantage of standard tap products is that they are cheaper, due to the fact they are simpler in design. More space is required to install standard taps if warm water is required since a separate section for hot water and cold water is needed. Additionally, there is a chance that hot water may cause burns or scalding if the temperature is quite high, which can be dangerous, especially for children and the elderly.


Mixer Tap


Mixer taps are now becoming very popular. They can be found in buildings and homes constructed in these last few decades. Hot and cold water is mixed in the tap based on the setting which results in warm water flowing out the tap. This is quite convenient for the user since it allows them to adjust water temperature easily. There are many different types of taps to install in your home. For the mixer tap, the most common designs are lever types or have handles that can be lifted. The water temperature can be adjusted depending on the extent the handles can be lifted. In mixer taps with levers, the user has to turn the lever in one direction if he desires more hot water and in the other direction for cold water. The tap has a valve with holes, and depending on the handle setting, the volume of hot and cold water can be adjusted.

These taps are popular because they are compact, require less space for installation, and are available in a wide variety of designs. Since the water temperature is easily adjusted, there is less water waste leading to a reduction in water bills. Another benefit of using a mixer tap for your bathroom, kitchen, or shower is the reduction of the risk of water scalding and burns. If you are wondering about how much it costs to install a water tap such as a mixer tap, it will be higher compared to a standard tap due to its more complex design.



The standard tap and mixer tap each have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the user to determine which one is best for them. Cost, convenience, and desired design should be considered when choosing the right tap for you and your family. If you are having a hard time on how to choose a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, engage a professional plumber as they can serve as a tap buying guide to help you choose the tap for your needs and provide installation services.


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