Myths About Rainshower Sets

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People usually would take a bath only for cleaning. Now, when taking a shower, it makes them feel relaxed and creates a rejuvenating experience. Hence, people are interested in installing a tap, especially with the best shower set with a rain shower where waterfalls like rain for a relaxing experience. Though the rain shower set will create a spa-like experience at home, many potential buyers are concerned about the rumors they have heard about the rain shower set, especially the water pressure and costs involved. To expose the myths about rain showers, clarifications are provided below.


Low Water Pressure of RainShower


One of the guides on choosing the right shower tap for home is the water pressure. As the pressure of the water falling from the rain shower will be less, people might be concerned that it will not clean your body thoroughly. Though the water pressure from the rain shower will be less than a conventional shower, users should be aware that this will not affect the cleaning in any way.

While traditional shower taps only use pressure, the rain shower uses a combination of pressure and gravity to flow water over the person taking a shower. The water droplets from a rain shower are larger for better cleaning, and the rain shower area is also more. The water pressure will also depend on whether the shower is used in the standard mode or water-saving mode. During the water-saving mode, since there is less water flowing, the pressure is also lower.


It Uses More Water


What you need to know about taps is that the water used depends on the water flow rate and the time the shower is used. Though the actual water consumption will depend on the size of the rain shower, typically in the standard mode, the rain shower will consume around 22 litres per minute, while water-efficient rain shower set such as the Fidelis Rain Shower Set with Mixer Tap Ft-8598, the water consumption is less than 12 litres per minute. Since water droplets fall gently in a rain shower,  the user may spend more time in the rain shower due to the relaxing and spa-like experience, Hence the water consumption for the rain shower may be higher, but this is mainly because people use the rain shower for a longer time than a conventional shower.


It Will Add Up to Your Water Bill


Many buyers would like to compare the prices for the various models of water taps or faucets with rain shower sets in Singapore. The cost of a rain shower set will depend on the model selected, features, material, and quality – things to consider before having a rain shower set installed. However, the price of a rain shower set is usually higher than a conventional shower, since it has a showerhead of a larger area for better coverage. Installing a rain shower is also expensive and should be done considering the family members’ height. In some cases, the rain shower may be combined with a hand shower, especially in families with children. The water bill depends on whether a water-saving shower has been selected and is directly proportional to the time spent taking a shower.



Many potential buyers of the rain shower are concerned about the myths they have heard about the shower set rain, especially the pressure and costs involved. The above mentioned are the exposure of myths about rain shower sets. Further, it talks more about the low water pressure of rain showers, water consumption, and how it will add up to your water bill. If you are interested in installing or replacing a tap installment, hire professionals such as Tap Faucet City Singapore. Each of their plumbers is a thorough professional with years of experience and excellent knowledge of various tap services which includes fixing leaking taps.


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