Points To Note Before Hiring A Professional Plumber For Your Bathroom Taps

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The bathroom tap is probably the most important plumbing fixture in the bathroom. Many homeowners wish to install a new bathroom faucet, replacing their existing water tap valve because it is malfunctioning or because they want a faucet with better features and design.

In addition to the quality and design of the faucet, the lifespan and reliability of the faucet also depend on whether it has been installed properly. While most homeowners will check the plumber cost to replace your bathroom faucet, there is other important information that should also be ascertained before selecting a plumber to prevent any problems in the future.


Finalize The Job Details and Warranty


It is important to finalize the scope of the plumbing job with the plumbing contractor to avoid any dispute in the future, particularly to avoid common causes of leaky faucets. Usually, the homeowner will purchase the faucet which is being installed, but the time taken for installation of the faucet will vary depending on the design of the faucet. In some cases especially touchless faucets, some additional wiring may be required.

In other cases, additional piping installation or other work may have to be completed for installing the faucet. It is important to ensure that the contractor specifies the exact scope of the work he will do and knows what the faucet buying guide is for the material he will supply for installation, especially hardware, piping, fittings.

The plumbing contractor should also specify the warranty he is providing for the faucet replacement work in writing so that the homeowner can compare the warranties offered by the different contractors.




Homeowners should be aware that many plumbers do not charge hourly rates for tap replacement, they will usually charge a fixed amount based on the complexity of the work, type of faucet which is being installed. Plumbers spend their time and money traveling to the customer’s home for tap installation and this is usually a fixed amount.

If more than one faucet is being installed, the cost of installation per faucet will usually be lower. Hence it is advisable to get a written quote from plumbers specifying the scope of the work done, material supplied, warranty, cost of the work, payment terms especially if any advance has to be paid. 




Though professional plumbers have experience and are well trained they also know how to repair a faucet, there is always a possibility that an accident will take place or some staff member will get injured.

To prevent any injuries, it is advisable to ensure that the plumbing contractor has adequate insurance, and will pay for the damage caused accidentally. This way, the property owner will not be held responsible. The plumber contractor can be asked to provide details of the insurance coverage which he has and might teach you how to choose a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen.



Most reputed plumbing contractors have a large number of satisfied customers, who have often used their services to resolve the most common faucet problems. These customers have provided positive testimonials recommending the plumbing contractor, which the contractor will often use for marketing their services.

The reputed contractors usually have a website providing details of their services and customer testimonials. These contractors as well as smaller firms will be listed in directories, yellow pages, and online review sites, along with customer testimonials.



It is important to finalize the scope of the plumbing job with the plumbing contractor to avoid any dispute in the future. To keep this from happening, the following mentioned above are the points to note before hiring a professional plumber for your bathroom taps, you should keep in mind the job details and warranty, rates, insurance, and taking a look or ensuring their available insurances.

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