Pros and Cons of Installing a Rain Shower Set

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Nothing beats a nice warm shower, and nothing beats a rain-like shower. A shower set like a rain shower is a beautiful luxury that has been designed to help you unwind as you stand beneath it as rain showers down on you. When you have your rain, though, you can appreciate it not only as natural and chilly as it is but also as pleasant and warm.

Not only does a rain shower set in Singapore allow you to enjoy a rain-like experience at home, but it also has many other benefits to offer. Further, your shower tap needs proper tap installation with experts in plumbing. Additionally, without a wait, let us get to discover both pros and cons of a rain shower set right away.



Hands-Free Showering Experience


After a long and exhausting day, you don’t have the energy to move a single muscle when you arrive home. However, you head to your bathroom because you know how refreshing a good shower can be. Utilizing a handheld shower such as a shower mixer tap will make your bathing experience feel more like a chore than a relaxing pleasure. If you have a rain shower set up, all you have to do is stand beneath it, turn it on, and enjoy the incredible rainstorm sensation.

In addition, if any of your family members suffer from arthritis or have shaky hands, a shower set will make things much easier for them than a handheld shower.

Fully Covers Your Body

When it rains, you get soaked from head to toe. You can take a look at the Fidelis Rain Shower Set With Mixer Tap FT-8598. A rain shower set will cover your complete body in a stream of water that feels exactly like natural rainfall since it is designed to replicate rain. The rain shower heads have a bigger diameter to allow for this. The showerhead may be 6 to 12 inches in diameter, providing you with a relaxing shower each time you use it. 

Less Shower Time


One of the myths about a rain shower set is that it drastically alters rain and feels so good, you still cannot stand spending the entire day under the showerhead. It is very important to bathe and get ready quickly while heading for work.

What you need to know about taps, especially with showerheads, is that they can easily saturate your complete body evenly and effectively, a rain shower set will prove to be an excellent choice. As a result, you’ll be able to bathe in much less time. You won’t waste as much water because you’ll be able to take shorter showers. Water bills will automatically reflect the fact that you are using less water.

Aesthetic Design

One more fantastic benefit of contacting tap faucet services to install a rain shower set is that it looks impressive. As soon as you replace your old showerhead with a rain shower head, you will notice that it quickly changes the look of your entire bathroom. Since a rain shower set is modern, generally sleek, and has a polished chrome finish, it certainly will prove to be one of the most amazing fixtures in your bathroom.



Higher Cost


If you are on a very tight budget, the rain shower set Singapore price can be an issue. Here’s the factor affecting the cost of a rainshower set. Usually, rain shower heads are expensive, so many people do not consider them. However, you can still browse through the collections to find anything available closer to your budget. And, if there is, then spending a little extra will only eventually prove to be cost-effective.

Using a rain shower set, you will save your water bills, so a little higher initial investment is worth it.

Pipes Need To Be Rerouted

The most common faucet problem of rain shower taps is that of its height. Usually, rain shower heads are ceiling-mounted so that you can enjoy the natural rainfall effect. Rerouting the pipe is needed to make this setup possible, which is a complex procedure. And, even if you agree to go for it, you first have to make sure that your shower stall ceiling is high enough to install a rain shower. The tallest member of your home must have a minimum of a foot clearance while using the showerhead.

Caters To a Certain Level of Water Pressure


Another thing to remember when buying rainshower sets is you should take a look at rainshower sets that have been created to suit specific water pressure ranges. Now, to take a warm shower using their rain shower head, usually, people use a storage water heater. This is since a storage water heater offers a much better water pressure.

However, specific instant or tankless water heaters have built-in pumps. And a built-in pump enhances the outgoing water pressure, thus making it a good option for rain showerheads. Water pressure is essential whether you choose a storage water heater or a tankless one.

A common issue with shower taps and faucets is that, if you do not have proper water pressure in your home, investing in a rain shower set is useless as you will never enjoy the kind of experience you are interested in. So, instead of buying a shower set right away, first, learn about the water pressure in your home.



A rain shower set is an amazing privilege that has been created to help you relax as you stand underneath it and literally rain pours down on you. However, when you are enjoying your own personal rain, not only can you enjoy it naturally, but also nice and warm. Additionally, the above mentioned are the pros and cons of installing a rain shower set, likely it describes a shower that is a hands-free showering experience, it fully covers your body, less shower time, and its aesthetic design.

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