Signs Your Taps Need To Be Replaced

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A leaking faucet is a common problem in many households. You could do your own faucet repair or choose to seek help from professional tap installers that are able to avoid common mistakes when replacing a tap and get the job done. There could also be underlying problems in your worn-out tap that you are unable to identify. If you are unsure when it is time to replace your taps, read on to find out the signs you should look out for that shows your tap needs replacement.


Inconsistent Flow of Water

Your bathroom taps should have a consistent flow of water. A jolted water flow could mean that you have a blockage, and a new tap may need to be installed. Allowing mineral deposits from hard water to buildup can cause rusting and affect the flow of pressure and water.


Stiff Handles


Modern bathroom and kitchen taps are made of durable material that can last up to a decade. When the handles start to crack and discolor, and the finish begins to wear away, it is a sign to install new taps. This is also an indication to replace clips, valves, screws, and O-rings that are worn.

Non-Stop Dripping


A constant dripping tap could result in wasting thousands of litres of water, while a slow-leaking tap makes it frustrating to carry out daily tasks. Turning the tap tighter does not seem to stop the drip too. Either way, the infamous water dripping sound could drive you crazy especially when trying to get a good night’s rest. Seems familiar? Then it is time for you to replace your tap!


Squealing Tap

If your kitchen tap whistles or screams when being turned on, it could be a serious sign that your pipes are damaged. Rubber washers attached to your tap will, over time, wear out and start making a screeching sound whenever you turn it on. Also, residue build-up can restrict the flow of water and deteriorate the washer seat. Call for a professional tap installer to inspect the problem with your kitchen tap and let them get it fixed.


Damaged Washers


Most people are unaware that the common cause of a leaking tap is due to a damaged washer. This tend to occur in older taps with rubber washers that are less durable and erodes with time. Install a new tap and get yourself ceramic washers for a longer lasting tap. When it wears out eventually, be sure to get it fixed as it is a sign that other parts of the tap need replacing too.


Water Hammering

Another unpleasant sound would be water hammering. You could hear the distinct banging each time someone uses the tap at home due to water running through the rinse cycle. Ultimately, water hammering is caused by eroded parts in a tap. This would definitely disrupt your day-to-day activities and getting a peace of mind would be impossible.


Now that you know the most common tap problems, you cannot turn a blind eye when it happens. Delaying the process of replacement would only make things worse. Reach out to Tap Faucet City Singapore if you need help with choosing a new bathroom or kitchen tap and installation services. When you get new taps installed, remember to keep them shiny so they look good!


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