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The Most Common Faucet Problems

Having issues with your sink is bad enough, but not knowing what are the causes of some of the common faucet problems can be a frustration in not knowing how to solve it. Fret no more as we bring you through some of the most common faucet problems and what solutions to apply. To know how to avoid running into such problems with your faucet in the future, regular maintenance of your faucet is key.



Having a leaking faucet can be one of the most disruptive experiences. This is typically easy for the faucet owner to notice, for it can be seen under the handle, at the base of the spout, from the aerator, and from the spray head. Here are some common causes of a leaking tap, but if you can’t diagnose where the fault lies, a professional faucet contractor will be able to help troubleshoot and recommend the most appropriate solution for you.


Low Pressure

Perhaps after a tap installation or replacement did you find that the water pressure was low? This is probably due to poor faucet installation and you can get the person who installed it to come back to fix it. If you did it yourself, perhaps it’s best to call a faucet contractor. In other cases, if you find the water pressure suddenly turned low in an existing tap, this might be because of limescale building up inside of your faucet. It could also be due to an overall water supply issue, but you can check other water sources in your home to make sure if that is truly the case. For both tap and plumbing issues, you can certainly count on Tap Faucet City Singapore to solve them for you quickly and efficiently.


Faulty Installation

Poor installation of a faucet tap is typically traced back to people thinking they can install it themselves. However, most people do not do enough research to ensure they install everything properly, leading to performance issues down the line. These issues involve leaking or low water pressure. To avoid this, make sure you learn everything it takes to effectively install your faucet or call a professional to do it for you.



Most faucet owners notice rust on the outside, which is an indication of rust forming on the inside. Stay away from drinking out of this faucet tap because rust affects the quality of the tap water. This is an issue that forms because of regular use and the best way to stop it is by replacing your faucet with something more rust-proof.


Malfunctioning Faucet Sprayer

While these pull-out taps make washing dishes much easier, their flexible hoses can pose a big problem as there can be limescale build-up within it, which causes it to not work as well. If it stops working properly, take it apart and see if it contains any buildup. So, soak it in vinegar to give it a thorough clean. Here is how you can maintain your taps and faucets with DIY solutions.


Loud Faucet Noises

These noises could consist of anything from whistling to screaming to chattering and would be jarring to the senses. A loose washer is usually the culprit, but if fixing that does not solve the issue, you or a professional faucet contractor should look at your plumbing.

Water Tap Not Running

While typically attributed to the water valves of older faucets, newer models have the potential for this problem as well. Though newer faucets are better at prevent debris and dirt and thus leading to fewer blockages, they still can have sediment build-up over time. To tackle this issue, check if the shut-off valve is open and, if so, clean each chamber of the faucet.

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