Tips On How To Maintain Your Shower Sets

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Ideally, water should flow from the nozzles of the showerhead at high pressure when being used. However, after the shower set has been used for several years, oftentimes, water will start to drip slowly or the flow rate may start to reduce making for a less than ideal showering experience. This is usually due to the scale buildup or mineral deposits in the showerhead. Hence, it is important to maintain your shower set properly, so that its water flow is at the ideal pressure and temperature. Here are some guidelines for maintaining the showerhead set and other parts of the shower, so that it does not require any repairs or tap replacements.


Make Your Own Shower Cleaner


The shower tap consists of a shower arm that connects the showerhead to the water supply, usually a water heater. Depending on the purity of the water, mineral deposits may develop in the nozzles and the showerhead, reducing water flow from the nozzles.

Similar to keeping your faucets shiny, you can clean the deposits by using a bathroom cleaner or a vinegar solution with a scrubber. This method is recommended for light mineral deposits. The showerhead is removed from the shower arm, then the bathroom cleaner is applied to the showerhead and then scrubbed to remove the deposits. If there are thicker sediment or mineral deposits, the showerhead can be placed in a bag filled with white vinegar overnight. Vinegar is one of the safest cleaning materials and can dissolve the mineral deposits if the showerhead is soaked in it for a longer period of time, usually for at least a day.

If the deposits still remain, the showerhead may have to be disassembled so you can scrub each part individually to remove the deposits. Vinegar is one of the most easily available cleaning solutions, however, those who do not like the smell can use commercial shower cleaning solutions. This is a recommended tip to avoid common issues with shower taps because if showerheads are left uncleaned, it can affect the water’s pressure.


Have Drips Fixed


If there is water leaking from the shower tap, even when it is closed, more water is flowing through the shower than normal. This in turn hastens the buildup of mineral deposits in the nozzles and other parts of the shower – reducing water flow when you use the shower. This is why homeowners should engage professional tap services to get their shower repaired as soon as they notice water dripping from their shower.


Ensure That High-Quality Plumbing Parts are Used

You might be wondering how long bathroom taps usually last. Just like any other tap, the shower’s lifespan depends largely on the quality of the showerhead and other plumbing components used. If a well-designed shower with high-quality material is installed, your shower will last longer.


Hire A Professional Plumber In Singapore


Your shower will only function well for a long time if it is installed properly. That is why it is important to hire a reputed and professional plumber like the experts from Tap & Faucet City Singapore for the installation, repairs, and maintenance of your shower set.



Your shower is one of the most important fixtures in your bathroom. In order to extend its life span and to keep it functioning properly, you need to maintain your shower set. You need to clean off the mineral deposits from your showerhead by using vinegar to make a cleaning solution or a commercial cleaning solution. You also need to make sure that your shower set is made from high-quality materials and engage professional plumbers to install, repair or replace your shower set for you. They are more than capable of repairing drips from your shower which hastens the accumulation of mineral deposits in your showerhead and nozzles, and in turn, extends its life span and keeps it functioning ideally.


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