Tips on How to Select the Best Kitchen Tap for Your Home

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Your kitchen tap has a very important role to play as each member of your family will use it every day for varying purposes. Therefore, you will want it to meet your requirements which include whether it is attractive, be of high quality, and to last you for a long time. However, with the many choices available, selecting the right kitchen tap and proper tap installation can be a little difficult. You need not worry though as we shall now share some tips with you to make selecting the best kitchen tap in Singapore easier.


Check the Size and Height of Kitchen Tap


It is essential to give importance to proportion when selecting kitchen sink taps. Therefore, you must select a tall tap if you have a larger sink and a smaller tap if you have a small sink. The spout must be positioned very close over your drain hole so as to avoid the most common faucet problems like unnecessary noise and splashing when you run the tap.

If you are confused about the height and size even a bit, then instead of making a random purchase, you can consult tap and faucet experts to guide you in buying a faucet buying. They can help you to select the best kitchen tap based on your needs. Not only can they suggest the right type of tap but they may also install your new tap for you efficiently and securely. Furthermore, if you face any issues with your tap (e.g., leaking tap). then they can help rectify that as well.


Check the Spout


You also have to give importance to the height and size of your spout in relation to the sink bowl – one of the things to consider before buying a kitchen tap. This can have a great impact on how easy it will be to access and use your tap. If the spout reaches the center of your bowl then it can be very easy to access. If you choose a swivel tap, it will allow you to enjoy amazing flexibility. Also, you can opt for a high tap spout as that will make it easy for you to wash up bigger pans and bowls.


Choose Style and Shape


If you want your kitchen to look attractive, then make sure your kitchen tap matches your sink. Did you know that there are 3 types of kitchen taps? In case you have a stainless-steel sink, then go for a stainless steel or chrome kitchen tap. Not only should your tap match your sink but the interiors of your overall kitchen as well. If you have a country-style kitchen then traditional style taps in gold, nickel, or brass finish, with fancy detailing, will look great. In case you have a contemporary kitchen, then streamlined models will make a better choice.


Choose Your Metal

You need to select the metal of your kitchen tap wisely as well because these are the factors affecting the price of a kitchen tap. Chrome taps come with a shiny finish and are among the most popular ones. Stainless-steel taps that have a non-reflective and duller surface are also a choice of many people in Singapore. If you choose a brushed stainless-steel tap, it will need less maintenance compared to the chrome ones. If you want a softer look with the silver tap effect, you can opt for brushed nickel or satin. Additionally, if you want warm metal taps, then metals such as copper, bronze, and brass are the ones that you can opt for when installing or replacing your kitchen taps.


 Opt for a Traditional One

In case you have a traditional kitchen then you must maintain this theme also while selecting a kitchen tap. Traditional taps will look absolutely beautiful in your kitchen and you have plenty of choices. Besides, to create an authentic period look, opt for pillar taps that are two-way taps, which come with cross-head handles. You can get traditional taps models in many finishes including nickel, chrome, and antique brass. They may even have period details and embellishments that will help enhance your theme further.


Tap Handles


While selecting kitchen sink taps, do not forget your tap handles. The type of handles is one of the characteristics you should know about kitchen taps. There are many styles to select from including cross-shaped, twist, and lever. To select the right handle, think about how you and others use your kitchen. Lever handles (e.g., Fidelis Kitchen Mixer Tap) for instance, will be ideal for enthusiastic cooks as they can easily push the lever simply using the back of their hands, and turn the faucet on to wash their hands in the middle of preparing a dish.


Kitchen Tap Features to Look Out For

If you wish to enjoy more flexibility, you can opt for a swivel faucet that moves easily from side to side, and some can go a complete 360 degrees. This will prove helpful in case you have double bowl sinks and need to move your tap from one to the other. A pull-out spout like Fidelis Kitchen Mixer Tap FT 6705NP can also prove to be a great choice. You can pull the tap out or down from the main spout and easily wash heavy crockery or even rinse your sink properly after use.


Water Pressure

One more tip you need to follow to get the best kitchen tap and to enjoy using it is to check the water pressure of your home. The tap you select must be compatible with it, or else, your tap may look perfect but will not serve you the right way. If you choose the wrong tap, this might lead to replacing your tap in the future. If your home has a high-pressure system then there are so many taps products available to choose from. However, if you have a low-pressure system then make sure you select a tap to match this level.



The job of your kitchen faucet is critical because everyone in your family will use it on a daily basis for different purposes. You naturally want it to look good, be of good quality that will endure a long time, and of course, fulfill your various needs. As mentioned above, it is important how to select the best tap for your home such as the size or height of the kitchen tap, the spout, the style and shape, the metal, and the tap handles. Each of these has a significant role in choosing the right kitchen tap. If you want your kitchen tap to be installed properly and perfectly, then consider hiring a professional plumber who has experience in tap services.


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