Ultimate Guide In Buying Bathroom Tap

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Your old tap has served you really long but now it has started showing problems, has become rusty, or is out of fashion. Either way, you must be planning to invest in a new bathroom tap.

Now, if you begin searching for bathroom tap Singapore you will be amazed at the plethora of choices that they have. However, a common problem with many tap and faucet products is that not all of them are fit for your bathroom. Additionally, if you make a wrong purchase, then either it will not look good in your bathroom or it may not work the right way.

It is thus very important to select a basin tap or bidet tap carefully if you want it to last you for a longer time and serve you properly all the while. To make things easier for you and to help you make the right choice we shall now share with you an ultimate faucet buying guide in selecting bathroom taps.


Tap Installation Type


Sometimes if you experience problems with your current taps, it is a sign your taps need to be replaced. If you want to replace your old bathroom tap with a new one then you do not need to be bothered much as you may use a similar installation as your old tap. The holes will fit perfectly well and you will not need to worry about the working of your new bathroom tap.

However, if you are not into tap replacement but installing a completely new bathroom faucet then you have to think about the installation type that you want in your bathroom. Some of the best options that you have are single hole taps, center set taps, and vessel sink taps.


Single Hole Taps

A single-hole bathroom water tap like Fidelis Basin Cold Water Tap FT 101-1 is very popular in Singapore. It is easier to install compared to the other taps and an amazing choice if you have little sink space. Single hole taps have single handles that help control cold and hot water. And, it makes an amazing match for motion sensor taps.


Center Set


Center set taps are also quite popular. It is like a Rubine Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Platino-6042  in structure. However, center taps have two handles on one deck plate. These types of taps have two holes present at a distance of around 4 inches from the middle hole. If you have a 3 hole or a single-hole basin, then the center set tap will be ideal for you.


Vessel Sink Taps

Vessel sinks are installed above a countertop and so they need taller taps. Taps that are more than 4 inches tall will suit most vessel sinks perfectly well and thus can be said to be vessel sink taps. Now, if you find it confusing to select a tap among the options that we shared then rather than just making a random purchase and regretting it later it will be better to take the guidance of our Tap Faucet City Singapore experts.

Each of our plumbing professionals is well trained and highly experienced. After visiting your home, checking your bathroom, and understanding your needs, we will easily suggest the best bathroom tap. Additionally, not only will we suggest the best tap, but we shall also install your new bathroom faucet for you in the most perfect manner. Furthermore, if in the future, you face any problems like a leaking tap, then we can solve that for you as well in no time at all.


Benefits of Having a Chrome Bathroom Tap Finish

When we talk about chrome taps, we do not mean that they are made of solid chrome. The tap itself, like Fidelis Basin Mixer Tap FT-8501, can be made of plastic, brass, steel, or stainless steel, but chrome plating is applied on top of any of the base metals via electroplating. Chrome kitchen taps are very popular in Singapore and this is owing to the many benefits that they offer about which we shall learn more right away.

Shiny Finish

Chrome kitchen taps are popular due to their brilliant shine. In fact, it shines brighter than a stainless steel tap. A chrome tap will become an eye-catching feature in your bathroom due to its great shine. Moreover, applying white vinegar for grime may help maintain your tap to keep it looking shiny.

Modern Looking Finish

Most homes prefer a chrome bathroom tap because of its modern-looking finish. If you have a beautiful modern home and have designed your bathroom in a contemporary way too, then, a chrome tap will prove to be a perfect fit. There are options to choose from such as, Basin Mixer Tap Size M, Basin Mixer Tap Size S, Grohe Eurocube Basin Mixer Tap Size XL, and many more.


Chrome kitchen faucets are available in every budget range. Also, you can find them in so many different styles that they can easily match all common types of faucets and thus are highly versatile.


Chrome is a very tough metal that is also non-corrosive. In fact, if you get a chrome bathroom tap installation performed, you can rest assured that it will last a long time and will thus be worth more than the money you spent on it.


Common tap handles

There are other things you need to know about taps, just like you have so many bathroom taps, you also have different handles to select from, with the most common ones being single handle and double handle.

Single Handle


A single-handle bathroom faucet like Fidelis One Way Tap can be attached to a deck plate so as to cover the handle holes that are left unused. However, this may not always be the case, cold and hot water needs to be operated through the one handle that a single handle tap comes with.

Double Handle


If you choose double handles like Fidelis Basic 2 Way Tap FT-105-1 then you will get cross handles that can be twisted right and left to turn the water off and on. These handles have a more distinctive design and offer a vintage look.


The Perfect Bathroom Tap for You

Tap color and design offer your bathroom its finishing touch. It may seem to be not as important as other things like bathroom style dimensions and bathroom vanity, but it actually is very significant. If you are changing an old bathroom tap, then simply by changing the design you can upgrade the basin tap and shower tap of your bathroom, and that too without spending much. Just by selecting the right tap finish, you can make your bathroom look more traditional or modern.

Design your bathroom in a retro way by getting an industrial-style tap like Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Basin Mixer Tap Size S or make your bathroom look modern by opting for an ultra-sleek glistening tap. And, you definitely will be amazed at the way an otherwise simple tap actually helps transform the look of your entire bathroom.



Your old tap has served you well for a long time, and it is now malfunctioning, rusted, or out of style. In any case, you must be considering purchasing a new bathroom faucet. Further, here is the ultimate guide in buying a bathroom tap. Consider the tap installation type, single hole taps, center sets, and common tap handles.

If you have encountered problems like leaking on your tap, it is the best way to hire a professional plumber, because they know the reasons why your tap is leaking. Hire professionals or contact Tap Faucet City Singapore, each of their plumbers is a thorough professional with years of experience and excellent knowledge. They are known to replace and install new taps to perfection. 


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