Ultimate Guide on Choosing The Right Shower Tap

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Ideally, when the shower is activated, water should flow from the shower in a specified pattern. However, the actual water flow will largely depend on the kind of shower tap and valve selected. Since many people are using a shower, manufacturers are offering a wide range of shower sets.

Hence, buyers can easily find and install the shower tap they need. Here is some information as a guide to buying a tap and faucet, that could help in selecting the right shower tap:


Choose The Right Shower Valve 

The shower valve is one of the shower tap components to understand before purchasing.  It is usually hidden, only the handle to control the shower valve is visible to the user. There are different types of shower valves available. When the handle is moved upward, the diverter valve will allow the flow of water to the showerhead. Many showers have a thermostatic valve to regulate the water temperature and prevent scalding. The pressure balancing valve ensures that water pressure remains constant despite any pressure change in the plumbing system.


Choose The Shower Valve Material 


When installing a shower tap, choosing the right material is important since the shower valve will be exposed to water for a long time. It is usually made from brass since this alloy is more corrosion resistant compared to steel. The outer body and trim are typically made from stainless steel, chrome to match the decor and for greater durability.


Pick The Configuration and Type 


Showerheads are available in different configurations ranging from a single head shower to a multiple head shower. Most showers have a fixed shower head, and the water pressure remains the same. Rain showers have a showerhead that is larger in the area and has less pressure.

A lot of people prefer to use a handheld shower since it is convenient for cleaning hair and hard to reach places. This also has a sprayer shower head that is connected to the water source using a flexible hose. Body spray showers have multiple shower heads for spraying water. These are things you will need to consider when purchasing shower taps.


Check Water Pressure 


Before purchasing a shower set and valve, it is advisable to check the pressure of the water supply. This is because some valves will only function properly when the water pressure is higher than the specified level. Pressure testers that fit into the shower arm can be purchased from hardware stores. In case the pressure is lower than 40 psi, it is advisable to find the cause of the low pressure and fix it.


Shower Valve Practicality 

The shower valve should have all the features that the user requires such as being easy to install, requiring less maintenance, and being practical. This is so they can have the relaxing and cleaning shower they desire. It is also wise to check the offered warranty. However, there might be common issues with shower taps/faucets that we need to know. In this case, do engage a professional plumber to help diagnose and rectify the problem.


Find Something That is Within Your Budget 


What you need to know about taps is while companies are producing a wide range of showers with different designs, materials, specifications, and durability, one of the main considerations in choosing a shower tap and valve is the buyer’s budget. Most of the local stores will ask buyers to indicate their budget and show suitable shower taps.



There are a lot of shower taps available in the market, but it is best to keep in mind some information to help guide you into buying the right shower tap. It is important to choose the right shower valve and material, to check the water pressure, and to find something within your budget. It is best to engage professional tap and faucet services to properly install your shower set. They can also fix other issues such as a leaking tap and offer a variety of products that you can surely enjoy!


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