Ultimate Guide On How To Select Best Shower Set For Your Bathroom

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Since many people prefer to install shower taps for bathing, many manufacturers offer showers in a variety of different designs and materials to suit their customers’ needs. While everyone wants to choose the best shower set for their home, they have many constraints, such as available area, budget, and installed plumbing. 

After closely considering the main factors, some tips for choosing the right shower set in Singapore are discussed in detail below.


Bathroom Layout 


One of the main factors influencing the choice of a bathroom shower set is the bathroom layout. In some cases, the house has a large bathroom, so the layout is not a major limitation and the homeowner can choose any suitable bathroom shower. However, many households in Singapore have a small bathroom, there are some factors to consider before installing a rain shower set.

A corner shower is one way to make the best use of available bathroom space. In other cases, a panel can be installed around the shower, so that the rest of the bathroom remains dry after the shower. In some cases, a shower can be combined with a bathtub to make the most of floor space. 

Before making a decision on what kind of shower to install, be sure to measure the available floor space in your bathroom. This is one of the most important things to consider before having a rain shower set installed. Shower dividers are a terrific alternative for separating wet and dry portions of your bathroom and keeping it spotless all day long.



According to the ultimate guide on choosing the right shower tap, before searching for a suitable shower set, the homeowner should finalize the budget for shower purchase and installation based on fund availability. Shower kits are available in many different designs, sizes, materials, and qualities. 

If the shower design is more complex, some modifications to the plumbing system, plumbing may also be required, so the installation cost will be higher. Plumbing professionals can be asked for advice on the most popular shower sets available for a particular budget, and also include the cost of installing the shower set.

Keep in mind that one of the biggest factors that affect the cost of your rain shower set installation is your budget. For instance, a cornered shower or a mix of a bathtub and shower might cost cheaper compared to a bathtub or a standalone tub and shower.


Plumbing System 

Some shower enclosures have heaters where the user can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water, while in others with a shower mixer tap, there is only a mixing valve and the homeowner should supply hot water from the heater. 

The water pressure and temperature should be adjusted according to the existing piping system design, and the appropriate shower device should be selected. The piping system should be designed to withstand water at high pressure, else some part of the pipes or fitting may have to be replaced.

Choosing the correct shower requires careful consideration of the plumbing and heating system, as well as the shower itself. As a result, knowing your bathroom’s plumbing system through and out and engaging with professional plumbers to install your shower set is crucial if you want to obtain the greatest deal on a shower head.

Knowing your bathroom’s plumbing system and understanding shower tap components is crucial, since even a little adjustment may be costly and time-consuming. It is also important to take into account the water pressure in your house. If you have less than 1 bar, wall mixers should be used. Bathroom shower sets come in a wide variety of styles to meet a variety of requirements.


Shower Set Designs

The main features of some of the most popular shower-set designs are described below.

Rain Shower


rain shower set has its shower head fixed over the head and the water flows gently from the shower head like rain falling from above. This relaxing shower is designed to maximize comfort and wash away the dirt. Moreover, one of the pros of installing a rain shower set is that it allows you to feel the thrill of the rain from the luxury of your own bathroom. While showering, you will feel droplets of water fall from the sky. This allows your muscles to rest and your thoughts to become more tranquil.

Hand Shower 


Did you know that hand shower sets are popular in Singapore? Its shower head is compact and is connected to the water supply using a flexible pipe. Unlike overhead showers where water mainly falls on the upper portion of the body, the users using the hand shower can ensure that water at high pressure falls on a particular area and cleans it properly.

Mixer Shower Set 


One important thing to know about mixer shower sets is that they rely on a pre-existing hot water supply. A mixer shower, as the name indicates, combines hot and cold water before it exits your shower head so that you may enjoy it at your preferred temperature. It’s also ideal for homes with big hot water heaters or gravity-fed water systems.

A mixer shower set requires both hot and cold water supplies. Additionally, it is more powerful than electric showers in terms of water flow. Some brands offer concealed types of mixer shower sets, which can help protect you from being burned by hot water.

Power Shower 

Increased water pressure in a house is achieved by installing power showers. Once it operates, it relies on a gravity system that improves water flow, with some tanks being fitted with pumps further to raise pressure. 

As a result of these features, it is ideal for low-pressure homes and may be used in conjunction with other options, such as electric showers. High-pressure systems, on the other hand, should avoid this. This is an important component to consider when you purchase a shower tap

There are many different types of power showers, but they all have one thing in common: they all have a forceful water flow. Often mistaken for electric models, power showers include a built-in pump that draws water from both the hot and cold sources and increases the flow.

Depending on your preferences, you may choose between a manual or thermostatic power shower. Low pressure water systems are ideal, but you’ll need a steady supply of water to get the most out of these shower heads. To further help you out, read more about guides on the different shower sets to know which shower is the best for your needs.


Call A Professional Plumber To Install Your Shower Set 


Consider contacting the finest plumbing company before having a rain shower set installed. When it comes to choosing a plumber, it is important to keep in mind that communication and competence are key. Keep in mind that not every plumber has dealt with every sort of plumbing problem, so it is essential to find one that understands how to handle the type of plumbing system you have in your home.

The benefits of engaging with professional plumbers to install a shower set include the assistance of installation and replacement of all your shower installation needs. Choosing the right showers for your bathrooms is something they can help you with as well. Every installation or replacement will be completed to the highest standards of quality and expertise by our team of expert plumbers — making the most out of your hard-earned money. 

With the Tap Faucet City Singapore team, you can be certain that the installation and replacement of all of your shower fixtures, including rain showers, is done correctly. We do this in order to make sure that all of the important factors are taken into consideration. For this reason, we guarantee a long-lasting installation and replacement as part of our commitment to provide you with the finest possible service. The installation of a rain shower and a shower set will be completed by certified professionals, whose work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard.



Choosing the best shower set for your bathroom can be tough, especially since there are a large number of tap and faucet brands offering a wide variety of showers. You have to consider the bathroom layout. The size of your bathroom matters since smaller bathrooms tend to have more limitations so opting for certain shower sets like a corner shower set will do great. 

Budget is also an important factor, from knowing how much it costs to install taps in Singapore and the cost of the product itself. Knowing your budget will further narrow you down to which shower set is best for you. 

You also need to consider your plumbing system as water temperature and pressure should be adjusted according to the existing piping. Ultimately, knowing which type of shower set design fits your preference is an important key, whether you prefer a rain shower set or a handheld one since they serve different functions as well. 

Installing power showers in a home improves water pressure. With some tanks equipped with pumps to increase pressure, the system depends on a gravity system to boost water flow once it is operational. When it comes to mixing hot and cold water, a mixer shower set is the only option. In terms of water flow, it is more powerful than electric showers. You could avoid being burnt by hot water by using a concealed mixer shower set, which is available from certain manufacturers.


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