Understanding Shower Tap Components

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There are plenty of shower taps available in the market, and the features of these showers vary depending on the components being used. While purchasing and installing a shower tap or even getting it repaired, the homeowner should be aware of the different components of a shower so it is easier to choose the right shower and to know what is happening when getting it repaired. In most showers, there are a number of valves that regulate the flow of water from the shower faucet. Here are detailed descriptions of the main valves affecting water flow in shower faucets in Singapore.



The water tap valve is located at the point where the pipe with cold water and hot water meet. This valve is typically found in older showers and does not regulate temperature or pressure. This may result in water pressure dropping when fixtures like the flush are used.


Diverter Valve


Typically a shower has multiple outlets; the shower-head, hand shower, tub, and a bath mixer tap, and you can adjust the water supply according to your preference using the diverter valve. This valve usually has a default mode. Typically, water will flow through the showerhead, though you can adjust it to the hand shower if you wish.


Pressure Balance Valve

According to the ultimate guide on choosing the right shower tap, before purchasing a shower set, it is advisable to check the pressure of the water supply. There is a valve that balances the pressure and adjusts the pressure of the hot and the cold water according to the user’s liking. A piston, sliding disc or spool is used to regulate the pressure. This valve will compensate for drops in water pressure caused by problems in the plumbing like when a large amount of water is used for flushing the toilet.


Thermostatic Valve

The thermostatic valve works significantly in a shower mixer tap because it is responsible for regulating both the temperature and pressure of the water to ensure that it is according to the setting. This valve includes a sensor for measuring water temperature so that the temperature can be adjusted accordingly. This valve is one of the more expensive ones available but can help prevent water wastage.




The shower trim is the external part of the shower, which is visible and accessible to the user. All the valves are enclosed in the trim which includes the handle for turning the valves on and off or changing the water temperature and pressure. Many places have prohibited dual handles since there is a risk of scalding. Single handles for trims are preferred since they usually mix cold water with hot water.


How It All Works


When you switch the shower on, turning the diverter handle will direct the water to the showerhead, hand shower, or through the rain shower set you purchased. The thermostatic and pressure-balance valves will regulate the water parameters and make sure that the water is at the pressure and temperature you want.



It is important to know the different components of the shower and how it works to keep you from being taken advantage of whenever faced with common issues with shower taps/faucets. There are a few important valves that you may need to be familiar with such as the main valve, the diverter valve, pressure balance valve, the thermostatic valve, and the trim. Each has its own use and feature in ensuring your shower is functioning the way you want. If you require assistance in finding the right shower tap and installing it, engage a professional plumber with tap services as they can advise which shower tap meets your demands.


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