What You Should Know About Kitchen Taps

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We use our kitchen tap every day, but do you know anything about it? You perhaps know what kind of tap it is, its brand and model name, and that is it. However, do you know about the different parts of your kitchen sink taps? Perhaps, you know nothing about it at all. Well, do not worry, as we shall now help you discover the different essential parts of your kitchen tap Singapore. Let us waste no time and get started straight away.


Parts of Your Kitchen Taps



Have you ever unscrewed the very tip of your tap spout, or have you ever inserted your finger and felt inside? If yes, you must have found a device with a bit of metal screen disk. This is our tap’s aerator.

An aerator is a tiny, round device that can be screwed onto a tap’s tip to enjoy a more splash-free and consistent flow of water. The aerator creates a combination of air and water, which helps make the stream smoother. Furthermore, it also limits the flow of water to a suitable level. Taps such as the Rubine Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Platino 6042 are built with this component.


The spout is usually the first thing that is identified on many common types of faucets. Its job is to deliver water to your sink from the body of the tap. Some spouts come with additional features too. For example, in the case of pull-out and pull-down faucets, the nozzle head can be extended away from the body of the tap to enjoy a better reach.

Some common spout types that you will come across are gooseneck, straight, and high-arc spouts. As the name suggests, the high-arc spouts are taller and need specific clearance space. So, if you plan to go for this one, follow your faucet buying guide and make sure to measure the installation area first.

Gooseneck spouts make a great choice if you regularly fill deep pots. It also adds to the aesthetics of the place where it is installed. This is why you will commonly find them in farmhouse-style kitchens. The straight spouts are relatively low-profile and are mainly used in small spaces. Many pull-out taps have straight spouts to allow you to enjoy an excellent ergonomic experience.



The handles help turn the water on and off and let you control the temperature of the water whether it is a two-way tap or one way tap. This is done by closing and opening the valve. Modern taps usually have a single handle. Generally, it is present in front of the body, on either side of the spout, or top of it.

You can turn the single handle in many cylindrical directions to control the water’s pressure, flow, and temperature. Two-handle faucets need extra installation hoes. You can turn the water on and off using either handle. In contrast, either one will control the temperature of the water.


The cartridge of a kitchen tap is a metal or plastic piece present inside the faucet, and it is known to control the temperature and flow of water. Higher-end and more modern cartridges are made using ceramic. These cartridges do not usually leak, and hard-water deposits do not impact them. The most common cause of leaky faucets is worn-out cartridges. Thus, make sure your kitchen tap comes with a good-quality cartridge to avoid the troubles of leaking water later on.



The body of the kitchen tap is where the cold and hot water gets mixed before it reaches the spout. The two-handle and single-handle tap designs combine the cold and hot water in one casting that even houses your cartridge valves. An overall body is yet another option that needs three holes. In this case, the cold and hot water gets combined in a separate pipe that remains hidden underneath the counter.


New sinks will either have a certain number of tap installation holes present, or you will have to tell them about the number of holes you want in your sink when you purchase it. If you do not have a new sink, you have no choice but to do with the number of holes your old tap had. If your old faucet had an overall design or had three holes, but the new fixture has a single hole, then you can use a baseplate. A baseplate will serve as a cover on the extra holes you have.


Common Kitchen Taps

Now that you have learned about what you need to know about taps in regards to their parts, let us also get to know about some common kitchen taps.

Mixer Kitchen Taps

When you choose a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, one of the best choices is choosing Mixer taps. They are fantastic for kitchens as well as bathrooms. Cold and hot water is combined and then released through one single spout. This kind of kitchen tap is straightforward to control and use.

Pull out Spray Kitchen Taps


A pull-out spray tap like the Fidelis Kitchen Mixer Tap FT 6705 NP has a spout on one flexible hose that you can remove from the bracket. If you choose this kitchen tap, it will become easier to clean pots, vegetables, and fruits.


Common Materials

The most common materials for sink taps or bathroom taps include brass, plastic, zinc, and stainless steel. Brass is easy to cast and is durable, and you can get it in many finishes and models. Some of them have sprayer heads made of plastic, and other parts can be crafted of zinc.

Solid stainless steel also makes a good choice although it is costlier than brass. In order to maintain your faucet to keep it looking shiny, certain companies apply a clear protective coating to the stainless steel taps from fingerprints and water spots. Zinc or plastic taps are relatively less durable. They can be designed to appear like brass, but they are made using cheaper materials.


Understanding Water Pressure

It is essential first to understand the water pressure in your home to get the right tap for your kitchen. If the water pressure is not given its due attention, your faucet will not work as it is supposed to. Now, understanding water pressure is not easy. So, instead of doing some guesswork or DIY tap installation or replacement, you can take the help of professional tap services.



If you plan for a kitchen tap installation in your home, it is essential to know the different parts of kitchen taps (e.g., spout, handle, cartridge, body, and baseplate) available in the market. If you further want to know more about the comprehensive details of its parts, Tap Faucet City Singapore will help you through it.

It is also essential that you know about the common materials like brass, plastic, zinc, and stainless steel, which are characterized to be durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, you need to understand the water pressure in your home to get the right tap for your kitchen. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate tap for your needs and thorough installation, please call a professional specializing in tap services like Tap Faucet City Singapore.


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