What You Should Look Out For While Buying Mixer Taps

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Now that your current tap is old, looks unattractive, and is not working properly, you must consider changing it and installing a tap. You do have quite a few types of taps to choose from, but the one that is most popular in Singapore is a mixer tap. 

A mixer tap offers the right water pressure and offers both hot and cold water from a single spout. A mixer tap also looks pleasing and makes a perfect fit in every bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you may choose to install it. 

A mixer tap surely makes a wise choice, but you cannot just purchase a random one. Here are certain things you should look out for while buying a mixer tap: 




There are different styles of mixer tap products available to select from and it can be confusing. To guide you on how to choose a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, it is best to choose one that matches the interiors of the place where you will install it. No matter which one you pick, you will not go wrong, since every mixer tap is contemporary and sleek anyway. 

If you are still confused, you can take the help of plumbing professionals. Plumbing professionals are experts who can easily help you decide which tap will suit you best. They can also install your new mixer tap anytime. Additionally, if you experience a leaking tap or other issues, plumbing professionals can effectively and quickly fix that for you. 


Better Control, More Versatile


Make sure the mixer tap you choose, whether it is a type of kitchen tap or a shower mixer tap, should be more versatile and will allow you to enjoy more control. It may be challenging if you have to use two separate taps for hot and cold water. Reaching the right temperature is not easy and takes time. You need to select a mixer tap that is known to mix hot and cold water for you. This combination will flow out through one spout at the exact temperature. It must also allow you to control the flow of water. 


Fit and Finish

While buying mixer taps, you should pay attention to its fit and finish. If the design of your new tap does not go well with kitchen or bathroom interiors, you will not get the overall result you are expecting. 


Greater Convenience


The mixer tap you choose must make things more convenient for you, as well as to mix hot and cold water. The tap should also be easy to use. One more thing on what you need to know about taps is that moving the lever and lifting it should be very simple, particularly for children and elders. 



It is very important to save water for the environment and also for our pocket. The more water you can save, the lower your water bills will be. Make sure that the tap/faucet product you select comes with a flow limiter that can help save water and avoid any waste. 




When looking for the best mixer tap, you should give importance to its price, just like purchasing anything else. You can first decide on your budget, and then look for different types of tap/faucets to install in your home within the same fit. 

DIY tap installation or replacement is not recommended as it may cause more harm than good. It will be a better idea to choose a plumbing professional wisely so that things do not turn out to be expensive at all. Plumbing professionals are experts who can prove to be your best bet. Not only are they well-trained and experienced, but they are also known to offer the best at excellent rates. Therefore, you will never have to worry about going beyond your budget. 


Warranties and Customer Service

The tap that you bought may start showing issues quite soon and this is a sign that your tap needs to be replaced. If you do not have a warranty in such a scenario, then you will have no choice but to invest in another mixer tap. Hence, ensure the product you choose comes with a good warranty. 

You should also give equal importance to the customer service of the company. They should always be available, helpful, and ready to solve any common faucet problems and queries that you might have. This will make sure you always enjoy a smooth experience. 



If you are planning to install a brand new tap because your old one has developed problems over time, then you should consider buying a mixer tap. There are certain things to look out for before purchasing one such as its style, price, warranty, fit and finish. Once you are decided on installing a mixer tap, it is best to engage a plumbing professional from Tap Faucet City Singapore. They are well-trained and experienced experts that know how to install a tap and perform other services like replacing a tap and fixing a leaking tap.  


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