Why are Hand Shower Sets Popular in Singapore?

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If you are looking for the best showering experience, then nothing beats installing a shower tap with a hand shower set. You may be planning to upgrade to a handheld shower set connected to a shower tap but are still confused about which is the right model for you. Do not worry as we are making things easier for you. We will be sharing with you a few reasons why a hand showerhead set is so popular in Singapore, and why you should consider investing in one too.


Easier Cleaning

A handheld shower set connected to a shower tap allows you to enjoy an amazing cleaning experience. Not only does it clean with ease, but you will also be able to clean your freestanding bathtub or shower walls as easily. No need to worry about how to get rid of the soap scum after a nice scrubbing anymore, as a handheld shower connected to the shower mixer tap makes cleaning super easy. Using a fixed showerhead will only be able to clean half of your shower walls while using a handheld shower set, you will be able to rinse every space easily and quickly.


Assisted Bathing

Handheld shower sets are convenient for every member of your family, regardless of age. It helps make the disabled and the elderly feel self-dependent as they can shower on their own and without difficulties. People with disabilities can shower while sitting, a kind of freedom that a rainshower set is unable to provide. Also, if you have a pet at home, bathing them using a hand shower becomes easier and with amazing results.


Shower Pressure and Spray Settings


In choosing the right shower tap, it is important to check the pressure of the water supply. A handheld shower set offers you the power and the high pressure that you want while showering. With the advancements in technology, hand showers come with many different spray modes. You can choose from a shower mist, a full-body spray, a therapeutic shower massage, and more.


Flexible Shower Hose


Yet another reason why most people in Singapore prefer a handheld shower like the Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305 is because of the flexible hose attached to it. This hose makes the shower a lot more mobile. The usual 1.5 meters hose might not be long enough for most people. It is best to get a longer hose. A shower hose around 2.4 meters is ideal and a lot more convenient.


Hand Shower Holder Bracket


When you need to use both your hands while taking a shower, this is where the shower holder bracket comes in. The holder bracket is attached to the shower pipe and holds the hand shower in place while you use it. Some handheld shower set holders come with a pivot ball that helps adjust the position of the shower.


Design Variety

You have an almost endless option of handheld shower sets to choose from. While this is great news, selecting the right one among the myriad of options can be a little difficult. It is recommended that you engage professional plumbers who have experience and skill in providing tap services such as installing showerheads, tap installation, and tap replacement in Singapore. With your requirements in mind, they can provide the ultimate guide to finding the best shower set for your bathroom.

If the vintage-type look is what you are into then a hand shower with a twist is your ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are interested in a more modern style, then a sleek shower head with a chrome finish would be great. After helping you find the best showerhead set, they will install it for you properly and efficiently.


Shower Set Model

Now that you have quite a bit of knowledge about handheld shower sets, here is a popular model that you can opt for.


Fidelis Shower Set FSS-56305 Shower Set

Fidelis taps have been providing cold water tap products since 2007. By 2013, other than taps, they started selling 1000 different products including cold and hot mixer taps, bathroom accessories, commercial toilet products, and more. They still offer the most amazing products, one of which is the Fidelis Shower Set 56305. It has a beautiful silver chrome finish, an adjustable mount, a 1.5m shower hose, and an amazing multi-mode selection hand shower. Using this handheld shower set will give you the most comfortable and amazing experience that you are absolutely going to love.



A handheld shower set is what you need if you are looking for a more convenient way to shower. It lets you shower easily and clean your bathroom walls with ease. It is the best option for the elderly and the disabled as it allows for a more comfortable showering experience. Coupled with a flexible shower hose, you are open to a great deal of mobility that a fixed showerhead could not provide. These types of shower sets also provide a great number of designs and options, even giving you different spray modes for a more customized showering experience. With all of these being said, you may want to look into the Fidelis 56305 Shower Set as it is one of the more popular models in Singapore. With a beautiful chrome finish, multi-mode selection hand shower, a 1.5m flexible hose, and being from a brand that has been providing excellent products for over a decade, the Fidelis 56305 will surely meet your expectations and more.


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