Why Is DIY Tap Installation or Replacement Not Recommended?

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Many homeowners in Singapore consider installing a faucet to be an easy task that they can easily do themselves to save time and money. However, most home improvement experts do not recommend do-it-yourself (DIY) tap installation for multiple reasons which most homeowners are not aware of. Though it may be inconvenient to wait for the plumbing professional to arrive for a tap replacement and pay for their professional fees, some of the reasons why homeowners should not attempt to install a new faucet themselves are explained in detail below.


Not Having The Right Tools


Depending on the faucet design, various faucet types, and where the faucet is installed, a variety of tools may be required to install the faucet. Plumbing professionals have an expensive set of tools that help them complete their plumbing assignments easily and efficiently. If you think of it, homeowners usually need a tap installation only once a year or even once in several years, so investing a large amount in purchasing a set of tools for plumbing is not financially viable. Hiring professional tap services is far way lower than the cost of buying a set of tools.


Overtightening Connections

Another common mistake to avoid when replacing a tap is over-tightening the connection, thinking that it can prevent water leakage without realizing it can damage the tap and other plumbing fixtures in the long term. It may not be visible immediately, but the damage can cause water leaking through the tap or worst, flooding after a few months or years. The lifespan of the component to which excessive pressure has been applied will be reduced significantly.  The torque required for tightening plastic components is even less, so these components are more likely to get damaged when excessive force is applied.


Using Wrong Tape


Water leakage is one of the most common faucet problems there is. To prevent this, PTFE thread tape is used around the thread, but it is not that simple. It is important to know how to use the tape the right way and with the correct thickness. The gap between the threads must be considered in choosing the suitable thickness of the tape. Wrapping the threads using this plumbing tape must be in a clockwise manner so that it will remain in place. Many DIY plumbers with no experience are wrapping the tape around the fitting in a counterclockwise manner, so the plumbing tape will unwind when force is applied for tightening the fitting. If the tape unwinds, the plumbing tape will not serve its purpose of preventing leakage.


You Could Hurt Yourself

Reading or researching about how to install a tap might appear like it is a simple task. Using the plumbing tools without adequate experience or training can lead to injuries. Many of the plumbing tools like cutters, pipe benders are connected to the electric supply. If they accidentally slip out of the user’s hand, it causes serious injuries that may require medical treatment or even hospitalization. Plumbing professionals wear safety gear to protect themselves from injuries. DIY plumbers are prone to injury since they do not feel the need to wear protective gear.


Small Issues Can Turn Into Costly Mistakes


Most DIY plumbers are not aware of the intricacies of the plumbing system, how modifying one part will affect others. A DIY plumber will usually superficially fix a plumbing problem, as they can over tighten the connections of a bathroom tap thinking that, that may be the solution to prevent leaks but he may have damaged other parts of the plumbing system during the act. In some cases, DIY plumbers can make mistakes that can cause structural damage from leaks or flooding in the area, and mold formation can also cause additional damage to the property. Many of these problems are initially invisible, but months or years later, expensive repairs may be required to fix the problem. Then you might begin to think that it is just a common sign you need a tap replacement, not knowing it is you who caused the problem because of your previous plumbing DIY.



Installing or replacing a tap by yourself requires skills and expertise. Additionally, you will need to have the right tools, but the tools needed for this kind of work are so much more expensive than having to hire a plumber. Being inexperienced in plumbing, you might now know the damage you might cause by just simply tightening the plumbing connection or using the wrong tape for the gap between the threads. DIY tap installation or replacement can cause serious injuries when tools are handled improperly. Inexperienced plumbers can also cause small issues into costly mistakes like structural damage from leaks. Having said that, it is still advisable to hire a professional plumber to install or replace your tap to avoid mistakes such as these.


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