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6 Reasons Why Your Tap is Leaking


Loose O-ring

After some time your O-ring (the disc-like rubber that fits in your tap) will become damaged or loose, causing a leaking tap. Replacing the O-ring should stop the leakage.

Overused Cartridge

If the tap (e.g, kitchen tap or basin tap) is used for many years, it may be damaged due to wear and tear. Some of its parts may get eroded or break off, resulting in water leaks.

Corroded Washer

Years of usage may cause the washer, placed in between the handle and the water tap valve, may get damaged. This creates a gap through which water flows, causing a leak.

Accumulated Sediment From The Water

Due to the forming of sediments, the valve which controls the flow of the water may not close completely when the tap handle is closed, resulting in water leakage.

Extremely High Water Pressure

If the water leakage is noticed only for a few hours in a day, the problem is probably due to high water pressure. It is best to contact a plumber to get your plumbing system checked.

Loose Parts

There are a lot of things you need to know about taps. Some of the parts may become loose due to the force applied after several years. The water pressure and corrosion may also loosen the parts of the tap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is My Tap Leaking?

You must keep an eye on its O-ring, cartridge, washer, and other parts that might be loose. Accumulated sediment from water and extremely high water pressure can also cause the water leak of your taps. Some of these can be an easy fix but it is still better to hire a plumbing professional to fix your leaking taps.

Reasons Why You Need To Fix Your Leaking Taps Immediately

  1. Prevent Mold And Water Damage
  2. It’s Environmentally Friendly 
  3. Save On Water Bill
  4. It’s Economical

How To Spot A Leaking Tap?

If you hear tiny droplets of water or somehow your water bill just magically increases, your first culprit can be leaking water in the tap spout. If there is no leak there, it is good to also check around the base of the faucet or under the sink to be sure. Now, once a leak is detected, you may know how to repair a faucet but it is still better to call a plumber to fix it for you.

Choose Tap Faucet City Singapore

Here at Tap Faucet City Singapore, we install and replace different types of faucets and tap in both residential and commercial areas in Singapore.

We specialize in helping our clients choose the perfect faucet and tap, basin tap, basin mixer taps, bathroom tap, bidet tap, kitchen tap, sink mixer taps, shower tap, water tap valve, and mixer tap, for their bathroom or kitchen that not only complements their interiors, but also comes with several useful features.

Jo Tan
Jo Tan
16:55 29 Jun 22
Our trusted Plumber. Technician Casmir did a great job and the Customer Service Officers Marc and Mike was very helpful and responsive. Thank you 🙏🏼
Eli Alias
Eli Alias
01:45 27 Jun 22
Needed to find someone to fix the two leaky taps at home and chanced upon Everyworks online. CSO Jinky was very prompt with replies, helpful with questions, and quickly connected me with Technician Shafikul who replaced both taps in less than 30 mins on day of arrival. Thank you for the good service!
Dave Han
Dave Han
10:06 14 Jun 22
Punctual, Skilful and Efficient.Technician Ladi is polite and patient to listen for problems and observant to details. He quickly identify the issues and get the job done within mins.The liaCompany service officers Marc and Kelvin are helpful and quick response to questions and liaison with me to get an appointment asap to get the job done.Great service !
Jiesheng Foo
Jiesheng Foo
09:21 14 Jun 22
Technician Ladi and Haze, Jinky helped me throughout your fix my tap. Thanks
Andre Chen
Andre Chen
10:47 12 Jun 22
Installed a showerhead + split tap to existing piping system. Professional, no-fuss, polite, good worksmanship. Will recommend to anyone looking for a fixer upper.Customer Service's name was Kevin and the tech was Raj, I believe. Good lads, both.
lorenzo bercasio
lorenzo bercasio
00:32 09 Jun 22
Kudos to technician khan and cso cora for the good service provided
Run L
Run L
06:38 07 Jun 22
Thank you Marc and Caro
River Barrett
River Barrett
16:10 03 Jun 22
Service was surprisingly prompt. The technican was also very nice and managed to repair my taps quickly. 5 stars for them.
Chang Xun Guo
Chang Xun Guo
01:33 03 Jun 22
Outstanding tap installation service! Would definitely call them again.
11:57 24 May 22
Prompt and professional work by the plumber in installing the kitchen faucet! Well recommended! Will use Everyworks services again!
Tao Li Ling
Tao Li Ling
00:53 28 Apr 22
I called this company to obtain a quotation as I was experiencing a really bad kitchen tap leak. Luckily, the support team responsded really quickly and sent over a handyman to do the needed repairs with new kitchen tap. He came within an hour and solved everything within minutes. Nice job guys!
Miller Chiam
Miller Chiam
20:46 27 Apr 22
This service provider's response time was really fast and the technician who were tasked to resolve my tap issues did so immediately.
Kevin Li
Kevin Li
09:37 25 Apr 22
CSO (Marc and Jinky) was quick to the response and arranged for technician to come. There were no hiccups to the appointment and appointed technician knew exactly what to do.Job was attended to by technician (Raj). Came punctually and knew what to do and quickly resolved the issues.Kudos to the team 👏
sharifah raja omar
sharifah raja omar
08:26 25 Apr 22
Thank you to technician Shafikul and Yaesin for changing the Bathmixer of my bathroom. Also thanks to CSO Cora , for attending to all my enquiries.Satisfied with their Good service 👍🏻
Benson Tan
Benson Tan
05:12 18 Apr 22
Technician Mani helped me to replace my leaking kitchen mixer tap and was very fast and experienced. It was also very easy to get a quotation and arrange for the technician to come down to do the plumbing repair.
Tan Choon Lang Jackson
Tan Choon Lang Jackson
05:25 15 Apr 22
This is my second time using their services and the standard of services is excellent. Lorraine their CSO was prompt in responding to my message and asking me all the right questions. Ability provide a very fast schedule for the technician to come change my tap is an plus point. Technician Ladi was early, he is very polite and professional in his work. Did a very clean job when changing the tap. Very satisfied with the excellent work and services support that I am getting. Highly recommended
Umar Mas
Umar Mas
07:07 12 Apr 22
I am very happy with the service provided to replace my leaking bidet. The technician Ladi was very fast and consultative while the customer service team, Dessa and Kevin, were very responsive and attentive. Would highly recommend!
Steven Choo
Steven Choo
06:38 06 Apr 22
I would like to thank Dessa Cso who arrange the technician Mr Raj that replace my Kitchem tap mixer He is professional and I am happy and satisfied with the good job .
08:43 04 Apr 22
Casmir the plumber was very professional and polite. Problem was solved and fee was reasonable. Marc who arranged for the service visit was prompt in replies. Will hire them again for plumbing issues.
Ting Ling
Ting Ling
09:27 30 Mar 22
Is really good and efficient service. Price is reasonable. GREAT job 🙂 Definitely will recommend more friend for ur service.
Raziep Taib
Raziep Taib
03:17 30 Mar 22
Good job. Thankyou Raj & Kevin
08:16 25 Mar 22
Overall it's a great experience.Especially the timely and efficient service from Mijan, Kevin and Dessa.Recommend!
Ephraim Sianipar
Ephraim Sianipar
15:32 24 Mar 22
I called this company very early in the morning even though my issues weren't that urgent. Surprisingly, I got a detailed response and a plumber was assigned to do the required kitchen tap repairs the next day. And sure enough, he did so in the most efficient manner possible. Can't thank you guys enough!
Rex Geng
Rex Geng
07:02 24 Mar 22
The basin tap service was rendered by the plumber in an efficient and quick manner. They communicated really well and did their job in a professional manner. They also made sure to arrive on time too. Really satisfied with their work.
Yvonne Loh
Yvonne Loh
04:53 18 Mar 22
Job arranged through Everyworks. Customer service was prompt and responsive (Dessa & Camille). The technician Ladi did a good job and was punctual and friendly
Maximus Huang
Maximus Huang
02:00 08 Mar 22
The plumber were really quick, efficient, and professional in replacing my leaking tap. So grateful for the work you've done.
Lyra Neo
Lyra Neo
17:05 07 Mar 22
The plumber arrived on time and installed my shower tap easily. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the things that needed to be done. As such, his work was completed in a short amount of time. I really recommend him!
Jeff Toh
Jeff Toh
09:16 06 Mar 22
Would like to thanks Camille and Kevin for their patient and support with all my queries on whether to repair or replace my kitchen sink and shower taps.Plumber Ladi is very nice. Very fast to replace the taps and his workmanship is very good as well.Highly recommend to anyone looking for new taps or replace / service their taps.
Eunice Yap
Eunice Yap
04:47 05 Mar 22
I would like to thank the technician Mr Kumar that replace my faucet in my bathroom. He is professional and I am happy and satisfied with the good job done. I must thank the CS support team for their prompt and efficient response to my queries. Very good experience with all I get with the plumbing job done. Thank you so much!
Ren Xiuying
Ren Xiuying
14:31 28 Oct 21
Wonderful and efficient service to replace our tap guys! Keep it up!
Amrit Kapudia
Amrit Kapudia
16:57 13 Sep 21
Great service! Tap installation was done by the well-trained and skillful plumber. Well done!
Zhen Zexian
Zhen Zexian
14:22 01 Aug 21
I've availed of their services more than once and in all times, they never fail to show attentiveness and professionalism. I was particularly satisfied with they fast manner in which they resolved my tap issues. Really appreciate them and recommend them to others with similar problems.
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez
08:39 13 Jul 21
They reacted to my calls before long and did an awesome work in settling the issues I had with my sink fixture. Moreover, they had the option to fix the free parts with no additional expenses. They were truly cordial as well, just like the client support staff. I truly suggest them in case you're searching for a pipes and tap specialist co-op with brilliant help.
Ananya Gharapure
Ananya Gharapure
16:52 11 Jun 21
Thank you for the excellent work for installing our water taps you provide. I will surely be recommending you to all my friends and family!
Fu Ru
Fu Ru
20:35 30 Apr 21
The plumber was very professional. He thoroughly inspected my kitchen sink faucet as well as my bathroom faucet and was able to idenitify my exact issue quickly. He even made sure to ask for my approval in regards to the new fixtures to be installed. There really is no service provider like them. Thus, I highly recommend them.
13:28 30 Apr 21
Their service was superb! The plumber were so quick and efficient and even arrived ahead of schedule to fix our water tap. I'll surely call them again for any plumbing needs I have in the future.
Trace Lim
Trace Lim
18:14 22 Apr 21
I needed someone to replace my leaking water tap. Fortunately, you guys had a plumber available to do the required work. Besides being efficient, he was incredibly tidy and professional. Recommend them truly!
18:36 31 Jan 21
I had a leaking faucet which couldn't be fixed and I really tried unsuccessfully to get someone to resolve it. Fortunately enough, this company was more than willing to accomodate my requests. The plumber came right on schedule and was able to stop the leak once and for all. I should also mention, it was done in just a few minutes. He gave some wonderful advice too so that any leaks can be prevented in the future. As a customer impressed by their services, I definitely won't forget to recommend them.
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Reasons Why Your Tap is Leaking

Ideally, water should flow when the tap is opened and not when it is closed. Some homeowners notice that their closed tap leaks water. To minimize more impact on your water bills, you must determine the cause of the tap leak. Here are some reasons why your tap is leaking:

Loose O Ring


An O-ring is a thin ring or disc-like rubber or leather that fits in your tap to produce a watertight seal. This gets broken or loose over time, causing a leak. Replacing the O-ring should prevent or stop the leaking tap.

Overused Cartridge


Tap cartridges are crucial. This regulates the outlet’s temperature and pressure. Heavy things may fall and harm the cartridge. If a tap (kitchen tap or basin tap) is used often for many years, it may wear out. Erosion or breakage may cause water leaks.

Corroded Washer


Between the tap handle and water tap valve that regulates water flow is a washer. The washer may wear out after a few years due to pressure from opening and closing the tap. The water may cause the washer to corrode, rust, and wash away.

Accumulated Sediment From The Water

Some locations have hard water with more calcium, lime, and other dissolved minerals. In certain circumstances, water may include mud and silt. Due to sediments, the water valve may not shut fully when the tap handle is closed, resulting in water leakage.

Extremely High Water Pressure

If there’s a problem in the plumbing system (like a pipe obstruction) water will attempt to find alternative outlets, resulting in tap water leaking. If water leaks just a few hours a day, excessive water pressure is likely to blame.

Loose Parts

There are many things you need to know about taps. Some of the parts may become loose after many years. Water pressure and rust might loosen the tap. Since tap components aren’t firmly secured, minor gaps might contribute to water leakage.

Now that you’ve learned the possible reasons why your tap is leaking, let’s discuss why it’s so critical to fix it.


Causes and Dangers of a Leaking Shower Tap

A dripping shower faucet may not seem like a huge deal to you, and even if you’ve noticed it, you may be ignoring it. This is not a good idea since a dripping tap may cause a variety of problems. Here are the different causes and dangers of a leaking shower tap:


Worn-Out Washers

This is one of the most common causes of leaky faucets.  Whenever you use the water tap, the washer will rub against the valve seat. The friction that it causes will wear out the edges and it will immediately stop functioning. Eventually, the washer will not seal the pipe properly, resulting in leakage.

Worn-Out O-Ring

The O-ring connects the different parts of your shower tap.  Ifthere is excessive pressure on this O-ring, then it can harm the structure and make your shower tap leak.

Poor Seal

Many shower taps come with inlet seals that allow water to flow freely when the tap is turned on, and to stop the faucet is turned off. If there is excess water pressure or sediment, the seals can experience damage.

Corroded Valve Seat


Due to repeated usage, this valve seat can corrode. When it corrodes, then water can be found dripping close to the handle area.


High Water Bills


It is important to fix your leaking tap/faucet because you will experience an unexpected hike in your monthly water bills.

Mold and Rot


If you do not give attention to the constant dripping, then the water can develop mold on your ceilings, walls, and floor. Furthermore, any wooden elements that get affected by the leaks can rot.

Overflows and Drain Clogs

If shower tap leaks keep on occurring for a long time, then they can cause too much stress on your plumbing system. The stress that it causes can result in an overflow and drain clogs.

Water Stains


Minerals accumulating because of the constant dripping are not easy to remove. It can end up in a situation to get the stains professionally removed. This process takes time and is also expensive. Instead, it will be much wiser to get your leaking shower tap fixed on time.

No one wants these dangers to happen. This is why you should always be mindful of your leaking taps. Here are some tips on how to spot one:


How to Spot A Leaking Tap And Faucet

Leaky taps may make it hard to sleep or focus if ignored. This may also raise water costs. Fixing a leaky tap early is inexpensive, so here are some techniques on how to spot a leaking tap and faucet:

Check the Tap Spout


To see if your tap is leaking, place a paper napkin below the spout. If the napkin becomes wet, it indicates a water leakage. In many cases, the tap’s gasket is damaged and has to be replaced. Any damage to other components in the spout like filters, spigots, valves can also cause water leakage.

Check Around the Base of The Faucet


Faucets are usually attached to the sink using nuts, bolts, or screws. To detect water leakage from the base of the faucet, dry out the area and place a dry paper around it. If you noticed the paper wet, it is a sign of a water leak. Usually, the O-ring that connects the faucet to the sink gets damaged and develops cracks.

Check Under the Sink


Check the water leakage below your sink. The leakage might be due to a problem with the connections at the supply lines, the water tap valves, and the connection between the water supply and the faucet. Inspecting the connections and valves will help identify the cause of the leak.

Now that you know how to spot a leaking tap, make sure you take action as soon as possible. It’s important to fix your leaking tap immediately, and here’s why:


Why Is It Important To Fix Your Leaking Tap/Faucet?

A leaky tap is a significant concern. No matter what you attempt to wrap the faucet with, the water will keep trickling. You could feel that you can escape the noise from your kitchen sink tap just fine since it is not a big concern for you.

You can even sleep through that leaking sound from your room’s bathroom tap. This might not be a cause for you to have your leaking tap repaired, but having the issue addressed immediately is crucial. Below are the reasons why it is important to fix your leaking tap.

Mold and Mildew Growth May Occur


Even if you don’t find a leaky faucet irritating, the mold and mildew it causes will. Dripping water from the shower tap or sink may not seem like an issue. They may enhance room humidity and cause mold and mildew.

Prevent Water Waste and Damage

Most homeowners don’t recognize the common causes of a leaky faucets. Due to this, they can’t identify one. Unfixed leaking faucets waste 11356 litres of water every year. It also harms the ecosystem and uses too much local water, leading to government water restrictions.

To Save Water Bills


Leaking faucets result to you wasting a lot of water and money every year.  Every 3.8 litres of water you consume is added to your water bill. When a leak happens, you’ll be charged for unused water. This might also be a sign that you need to replace your tap.

To Avoid Household and Environmental Damage


Taps leak for several causes. If untreated, it may cause costly structural damage. It may harm your flooring, walls, and foundation. If you’re not careful, further leaks might harm your house, making it impossible to live there.

Taps are prone to water leaks. The sooner you solve it, the better off you’ll be in the long run, particularly when it comes to your water bill. Now that you’ve learned this, here are the procedures for installing a faucet.


Why You Should Hire a Plumbing Professional to Fix Your Leaking Tap

You may think you’re up to the challenge of fixing a leaky faucet or installing a new one. Perhaps it’s time to rethink this. We’ll go over a few reasons why you should hire a plumbing professional to fix your leaking tap. 

They have the right tools for the job

You can learn how to repair a faucet through tutorials, but there’s no assurance you’ll do it right. Instead of spending time on lessons and money on gear, it would be smarter to contact a plumber to repair a leaky faucet fast and prevent making any common mistakes to avoid when changing a tap.

Dripping or leaking taps can be hard to locate


Check your kitchen and bathroom and look for the reasons why you tap is leaking. Fix it immediately. Finding a leaky faucet is difficult. Other leak detection methods are also complex.

Tap leak repairs can be time consuming


Why do this if you can employ a professional? They’ll immediately identify and fix the leak. A professional will repair the leak faster due to their abilities and experience. Saved time may be utilized for more important tasks.



A water leak is a typical concern for taps. Getting it corrected is a requirement since if it is neglected, it may create further difficulties, particularly in your month’s water bill. It is also crucial to know the causes why your tap is leaking to know how to effectively remedy the problem. It is crucial to repair your leaky tap because if it is neglected, there may be damage and bad affects like mold and mildew on the bathroom wall or even beneath the sink. It may also cause structural damage to your property and waste a lot of water that can raise your month’s water bill.

Though there are straightforward procedures to a tap installation, the real labor in itself would be more difficult than indicated, particularly when there is no expertise involved. Additionally, you will need to have the necessary equipment, but the tools required for this sort of job are so much more costly than having to employ a plumber.

Being unskilled in plumbing, you could not realize the harm you can create by just simply tightening the plumbing connection or using the improper tape for the space between the threads. Trying to find out how to repair and mend your leaky tap is a lot of hard work. You may not have the necessary tools to utilize for this issue. If you do choose to acquire such instruments, it is extremely pricey. Plus, water leaks are not that straightforward to discover. Plumbers are well-versed in determining the exact location of a leak. This is going to take a lot of time and effort.

Let the specialists take care of what they do best. Contact Tap Faucet City Singapore if you want to have your leaking taps fixed. Our professional plumbers will get the job done without any hidden fees.


Tap Faucet City Singapore is your 1-stop supplier and installer for all tap and faucet services whether it is a new installation, replacement, or leaking water taps. We carry a wide range of water taps for Basin TapBasin Mixer TapsBathroom TapBidet TapFaucet TapKitchen TapKitchen Mixer TapShower TapShower Mixer TapMixer Tap, and Water Tap Valve services. Our highly experienced team of plumbers and tap installers is guaranteed to deliver quality workmanship and genuine brands, to cover all your tap and faucet needs in Singapore. Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 about any tap and faucet services today!