Why Choose Us

Wide Variety of Taps & Faucets

We provide the full suite of tap & faucet services including supplying and installing any of the faucets you choose from our website.

We carry a wide variety of taps and faucets to suit every purpose or design you may be looking for. The best thing is that you can browse our full online catalogue and have it installed by our professional team without even leaving your home.

Why Choose Us

Trusted and Experienced Plumbers & Installers

Having worked with several residential and commercial spaces in Singapore, our plumbers and installers are well-equipped with the necessary skills needed for professional faucet and tap installation and replacement.

We not only take care of your faucet installation but also all plumbing concerns, for a complete 1-stop convenient solution.

As a trusted tap and faucet installer in Singapore, we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service and tap services that provide our customer with a complete peace of mind.

You can check out our range of past faucet and tap projects and satisfied reviews from clients.

High-Quality Workmanship

With our high-quality workmanship, be assured to receive only the best service from Tap Faucet City with our full supply and installation tap services. Our budget-friendly prices is the best value for money with our durable, long-lasting tap and faucet designs for every bathroom or kitchen.

Our wide range of tap and faucet brands carry a plethora of models to suit every bathroom or kitchen needs – whether you require a basin tap, basin mixer taps, bathroom tap, bidet tap, kitchen tap, sink mixer taps, shower tap, water tap valve, or mixer tap, we’ve got them all for you!

Reliable Customer Support

While reading tap and faucet-related articles will help you decide on the type of tap and faucet to install, it is also important to talk to professionals to find out more about the technical details involved in the installation. Feel free to ask questions  as our friendly customer service staff are trained to guide you in choosing the most suitable tap and faucet for your bathroom.

That’s not all – you can also reach us via a number of ways! To enquire, call us at +65 3158 6186, WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032, or email us at

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to provide premium services done by our team of highly experienced plumbers and installers. With proper planning, we ensure that proper measurements are taken before we install a new tap and faucet or replace your old one. Assessing such requirements will guarantee a flawless installation and a long-term solution for any of your tap and faucet needs.

As the leading Tap and Faucet Singapore installation company, we also provide other plumbing-related services needed for tap or faucet repairs such as chokes, leaks, and even water flush system installations.

At Tap Faucet City Singapore, we offer trusted and high-quality tap and faucet installation services all over Singapore. Contact us now to enquire about our services!

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