What You Need To Know About Taps

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What to Consider When Buying a Water Tap

There is so much to consider when purchasing a water tap, for example:

  • The style of the tap
  • The practical function of the tap
  • Price of the tap
  • The water efficiency of the tap
  • Spout height and reach
  • Material of the water tap valve
  • Finish of the tap
  • Brand of tap

We could go on forever, but here at Tap Faucet City Singapore. we have a wealth of information on the types of water taps that are best suited to our client’s needs, budget, and design ideas. There are so many different types of water taps that we have listed the things you need to know about your taps, to determine the most suitable for yourself. Alternatively, you can simply contact us to help guide you on choosing a faucet and carry out the tap installation in your kitchen or bathroom.


Types of Water Tap



  1. Mixer Taps – To receive both warm and cold water from the same tap at any single instance, choose mixer taps. The mixer taps can come with a single-lever (or single-handle) or double-handle. The single lever allows you to switch from hot to cold water with one tap handle turning from side to side. The double handle has one handle to turn for cold water and the other for warm water.


  1. Bath and Shower Taps – These faucet designs are usually designed as mixer taps so you can get cold and hot water from the same tap. These taps can come as a two-way tap or a shower mixer tap. A two-way tap is connected to both your water heater and a spout that is usually attached with a hose for various cleaning purposes.
  1. Kitchen Sink Taps – These faucets are typically designed to have a high neck spout that can swivel to help with cleaning. They can either be just a cold water kitchen sink tap or a kitchen sink mixer tap.
  1. Basin MixersBasin mixer taps are for installing on washbasins only. Older homes may only fit a cold water tap for their washbasin, but it is becoming common to see basin mixer taps installed in Singaporean households for the convenience of having warm and cold water through a single twist of the tap handle.


  1. Bidet TapBidet taps are pull-out tap extensions installed next to your toilet bowls. They are touted as helpful tools to improve personal hygiene after using the bathroom, and can help clean the toilet effectively with its high-pressure water spray that can be manually adjusted for flow and pressure.

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  1. Washing Machine Tap / Service TapOne-way taps are usually installed as washing machine taps or outdoor service taps since their primary function is to turn on and dispense water. It can also be installed as a shower tap as seen here, connected to the water heater.


Water Tap Features & Mechanisms

Taps and faucets can be built differently to provide different methods of turning it on, make it last longer, or enhance its features. Knowing how each tap is built so that you can decide what type of tap you are looking to install is important.

Ball Taps – The tap handle works by pushing a plastic or stainless steel ball over a circular cover. This controls the temperature and flow of the water. They can be more prone to leaking so this is something to be aware of.

Cartridge Taps – These cartridge faucets have a lever to control flow by moving it up and down or side to side. This cartridge is the mechanism used to control the water flow and temperature.

Ceramic Taps – These faucets replace taps washers with ceramic discs instead to make their durability last even longer, since tap washers always seem repair-prone. The added benefit of ceramic discs is also that taps are easier to twist as it only takes a quarter turn to switch them on.

Thermostatic Taps – The thermostatic feature in a tap ensures consistency in the water temperature, making it safer to use, especially for the disabled, elderly, and children. This is so that nobody is prone to scalding themselves when the water temperature is not controlled.


Popular Water Tap Designs in 2020

  1. Sensor – Sensor tap designs are very common in public, hotel, and office washrooms because they can control water usage in a high-traffic, publicly accessible environment. This is not to say that they cannot be installed in their homes, as it is quite useful to not have to touch the tap to switch it on or off.


  1. Pillar– The design of these taps is more traditional and is mostly used in bathrooms of homes. The tap comes with a smooth handle that reduces the flow of water with an improved design and sculpted body design. The taps come with a single-hole installation.
  2. Wall MountedWall mounted taps are mostly used in bathrooms and show off a more modern design to your bathroom. The wall-mounted faucets are not easily fixed as it requires access to concealed pipes in the area where you want to install them. As such, some hacking may occur.


  1. Floor Mounted – These stunning freestanding taps usually come hand in hand with a designer bathtub. They are mounted on the floor of the bathroom and the spout hovers directly above the foot of the bathtub, creating a stunning and luxurious look for your bathroom.


  1. Vintage– Some customers might want an old-fashioned charm deviating away from modern and contemporary styles. Retro taps can add a country-style or Victorian feel to kitchens and bathrooms.


  1. Contemporary – Most tap designs gear towards contemporary styles as they are classic and versatile designs for any modern home look. It is the perfect middle ground design between retro taps and futuristic taps.


  1. Modern – Many more modern taps can come with LED designs and can even deviate in designs from the traditional tap with a neck and a spout. Take for example this clamshell tap that would add a futuristic element to your tap design.



  1.  Designer – For a more luxurious look for the home or hotel, designer taps are all the rage. These luxurious taps are usually more expensive and are crafted with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best user experience and design. The branded taps that Tap Faucet City Singapore carries currently are Grohe taps and Kohler taps.


  1. Gold – Gold faucets give a stylish and luxurious look to any home. They are usually gold plated with a chrome finish to give it a gleaming, expensive look. It adds a distinct accent to any kitchen or bathroom design.


  1. Traditional – When our clients ask for a traditional design, here at Tap Faucet City Singapore, we look for basic functioning taps with no frills. These faucets are mostly used in households and can be a cold water tap only or mixer tap dispensing hot and cold water.


  1. Square Spouts – The cuboid design is becoming commonplace and remains one of the most trendy yet classic designs for a modern home.
  2. Antique Brass Taps – These antique-style taps are simple, but beautiful and be installed in both bathrooms and kitchens. They are not the most user-friendly as you have to turn a tap for cold water and another for hot water, manually controlling the water temperature. This is in comparison to a single-lever mixer tap where you can switch between hot and cold water with just a swift push of the tap handle.


  1. Marble – Marble faucets exist on the high-end premium scale of tap designs. There are some stunning marble mechanisms and faucets available with gorgeous rose gold, gold, and silver designs which would pair very well with the same marble countertop.


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